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When designing a website, the most important aspect is a high quality end product. Any-and-all services from Icon Website Design are often considered “boutique” or designers’ website services – our products are unique, high-end quality and priced appropriately. The premier website builder employed here at Icon, Mr. Jonathan Corish, has an education from FIT in New York. He can handle any-and-all web design jobs. His knowledge is expansive, including mastering web design software, custom website, and graphic design. Formerly a freelance web designer, Jon has produced amazingly popular ecommerce web site such as the e-commerce site and the medical website. Graphic design comes naturally to Mr. Corish, but he has taken additional courses that allowed him to master UCD (User-Centered Design), which is the most popular and respected school of thought in the educated field of web page design. Clearly, his talent for web design is remarkable, and we are the lucky website design firm that has him exclusively employed. If you would like a custom website, or a professional website, Jon is the man for the task.

Web page design is a collaborative process: we involve the client’s input for the all of the following stages: conceptualization, planning, modeling, and approval. Once we reach the stage of coding electronic media content delivery via Internet (using, for example, markup languages) suitable for interpretation and display by a web browser or other web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs), our designers take over. Unlike most companies, Icon Website Design presents each stage of the website builder’s work directly to the client – there are no nebulous periods of uncertainty because we send files directly to the client! You can see your wire frame, your skin, your custom website layout, and more once they have been created by our team.

Icon Website Design uses a Linux-based server, and we have our own dedicated server and server backup via Ubiquity. Each of our pages is hand-coded and will function on any Linux server, while still maintaining inherent support for Flash graphics. You will be able to use your site on any Linux-based server without any technical conflict (as long as you own the site and the server space, of course!). Also, custom websites are the only product that we offer; there are no prefabricated website templates in our system. Instead, we custom build every one of our websites to fit onto the platform (e-commerce, for example) that fits the customer. Platforms are very simple: a website platform is its foundation, much as a basement and foundation are the bases for a house. Once the proper platform is identified, creation on top of said platform is there the designers make their money. Having an in-house website design team is equivalent to having both the architect and engineer working together on the same page!

Our website building creates a website that is not only technologically very advanced but also extremely friendly to the process of Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as Organic Ranking. The search engines will index and rank your site well based on our clean, concise coding with minimal errors and fully-filled tags. Please visit our Organic Ranking section for details on How Organic Ranking Works!

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