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Responsive Design Is Vital to Your Business
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Why Converting to a Responsive Design Is Vital to Your Business

If you want the best West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami marketing services for your business, you need to take advantage of responsive design made for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. After all, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami Organic Ranking-friendly companies now rely on each of these devices to attract and educate multiple consumers. Website designs must now encompass multiple screen sizes. Otherwise, they will look like garbage and the webpages will get dismissed just as quickly.

When designing a site for a desktop or laptop, use horizontal navigation with drop down menus and high-quality content. Not only can you make the page a bit more interactive than on other devices, but you also have plenty of space to use for advertisements. Think of the user relying on a keyboard and mouse to navigate around your site’s pages.

Then there are tablets which are growing in popularity for web traffic. Touchscreens depend on large areas to sense your finger or a stylus pen, and limit sidebars. Rather than simply resizing a computer’s layout, create a new one. Otherwise, the tablet user will miss a large portion of the website’s operative links and aesthetic design.

Mobile phones keep it simple when it comes to user interaction. First, keep the design minimal. Perhaps add your logo, but nothing more that will distract people from the site’s content. It also helps to allow users to explore by categories, rather than typing in search terms. Above all else, keep the number of pages on your site to a minimum, as folks with short attention spans will not wait for any pages to load.

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