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Secure Sites Get a Search Engine Boost
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HTTPS Effects on Organic Rankings

On August 6, the search engine giant known as Google declared that they will reward websites that have gone HTTPS with a small boost in search engine rankings. This so-called “small boost” that comes from a “very lightweight signal” could mean big bucks in revenue for businesses around the world.

So, what does it even mean to go HTTPS? It means adding an SSL 2048-bit key certificate to your website making all your information encrypted and secure. Of course, quality content is still more important when it comes to ranking, but the small impact of HTTPS on a site may increase significantly over time. That will mean more and more users will rely on HTTPS, resulting in a more secure internet.

So how does HTTPS effect search engine rankings?

Will changing your website from HTTP to HTTPS have a negative effect on your Organic Ranking ranking? The answer is a plain and simple NO. It has been years since Google has been instructing business websites to make the change. Of course, you must switch from HTTP to HTTPS properly. Otherwise, you may lose loads of traffic. Doing so protects your readers’ privacy, while safeguarding the validity of your content. For starters, let the search engine know about the change to your business website. You can then follow a list of tips that Google released:

Follow Google’s tips for going HTTPS

The first thing you must do is decide what type of Google certification you want, such as a single, multi-domain, or wildcard one. You should also rely on nothing but 2048-bit key certificates. Every URL that is used should be relevant, as well as located on a secure domain. Be sure to allow your website’s pages to be indexed by search engines. Finally, rely on Google Webmaster Tools to track your new HTTPS site’s analytics.

What HTTPS means to websites

When your site depends on HTTPS, all the data is encrypted. That makes it extremely difficult for a third-party, whether it is a hacker or your internet provider, to access what you are looking at. At the same time, HTTPS prevents any data that you read from being modified in transit from its original source to your computer or smartphone. A site’s authenticity is validated by a padlock displayed in the address bar. The user’s online experience is also enhanced with more personalized content being delivered much more rapidly.

When you are ready to switch your business website from HTTP to HTTPS, remember to buy an IP address from your hosting company, as well as an SSL certificate that must be installed and configured. You should also update any code libraries, like JavaScript. Then update all your links in emails and online directories. Set up the new website in Google Analytics to see what’s happening, and you are all set to do business online.


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