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Discover Google Penguin

Back in 2012, the world was introduced to Google Penguin, the company’s algorithm designed to fight off unwanted spam by penalizing companies that tried to manipulate the Organic Ranking system. As a result, legitimate businesses, ranging from Miami web designers to West Palm Beach web designers that do not send out spam get to prosper on search engines.

Important factors being considered in search engine rankings include:

  • An author bio link
  • Links in the content
  • Website’s relevancy from link’s page
  • The number of backlinks found on a page
  • How many ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ links are used
  • Anchor text, such as keywords and branded terms
  • Backlinks used on page, including news authority sites
  • Relying on different IP addresses influence Organic Ranking in order to prevent the same person from posting as multiple users

Not taking advantage of these guidelines could have a negative effect on your overall business. Disobeying any rules will lead to penalties that could be extremely harmful and your page ranking. If web designers in Fort Lauderdale do get penalized, it is possible to get out of the hole/ All that is necessary is a reconsideration technique that can now be found with Google Webmaster tools. However, it will take time to see a difference by utilizing high-quality links.

It’s almost 2017, and just about every product and service for sale in South Florida wants the most exposure possible by the king of search engines, Google. Icon Website Design ,the best web designers in Fort Lauderdale, can help with your blog material. Everyone from Miami web designers to West Palm Beach web designers just call us today at (954) 733-8862 or visit https://www.icongrowth.com/ for a FREE link audit review to show you the strengths and weaknesses of your current backlinks.

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