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How to Boost Your Digital Content Marketing

If you want to get your business to be exposed on the internet in 2017, content marketing is essential. Taking advantage of digital marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization and backlinks, allows your business to reach new customers on a daily basis.

One technique that will be amazing for your business getting seen online is a good mix of original content and digital images. These days, your business must get a little bit more creative than simply posting stories and reviews on the web. Place relevant and informative links within your content too.

Surfers of the web want to see vivid photos, listen to audio files and play with interactive components, as well as watch video clips. It is smart to introduce visitors to your page with a short video introducing your business and its products or services. Save longer videos on your webpage for in-depth descriptions for seemingly interested customers who have already scrolled and clicked on your site.

Interactive slideshows allow visitors to quickly find specifically what they are searching for. Similarly, you can rely on interactive elements, such as comparative graphs and maps, to make things easier on readers’ eyes. The more visual content that is relevant to your business that’s on your website, the better. Allow people to instantly share the information via email or on their social media pages.

Remember, use the right Organic Ranking keywords to name everything from your page to its photos and videos. Search Google Trends to find the most effective words and terms. You want to do as much as you possibly can to attract search engines. After all, that’s how you earn new customers, as well as keep existing ones clicking onto your site.

Icon Website Design can proficiently design websites that not only look fantastic, but also get your business ranked on the first page of search engines. Our professional content writers and website designers can get your business off the ground in no time with an amazing website to attract both readers and search engines. Best of all, Icon Website Design does it all for an extremely fair price.

Responsive Websites Fort Lauderdale Businesses
Responsive WebsitesWebsite Design

Responsive Websites Key to Success of Fort Lauderdale Businesses

Ease in Mobile Web Browsing Positively Affects Fort Lauderdale Businesses

Google AMP may not be on the tips of the tongues of most owners of Fort Lauderdale business, but it should be. It definitely is well known to website designers who should be well-versed in the importance of responsive websites.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page project, or AMP for short, launched in early 2016 with its goal to quicken web browsing for mobile devices. The idea is to provide the best in visual and user-adaptable services through the AMP HTML open framework by having pages powered by AMP instantaneously load with all the bells and whistles. This includes graphics, animations, and video that should be available to all of us on our smartphones and mobile devices.

Significance to Fort Lauderdale Business Website Design

Fort Lauderdale businesses with the best in website design may hope that their company website will be appealing to mobile device users. The truth is they need to check.

Millions of people actively use their smartphones for everything. From shopping and finding the best in entertainment to banking and service repairs, Fort Lauderdale businesses can expect to find at least 75% of their customers (if not more) have visited their online business website from their mobile device. It may be simply to look at store hours or to review the menu before making reservations. This is why it makes sense for Fort Lauderdale business owners to visit their websites to ensure they are optimized for a smooth and seamless experience on differing platforms – from desktop to mobile.

Responsive Websites Working with AMP

A website that loads slowly on mobile devices is more likely to lose the interest and patience of visitors coming to the site. Fort Lauderdale businesses need to invest in making their websites responsive. A responsive website is one that will seamlessly transition from desktop computer to mobile devices without too much notice. Whether it be a tablet or smartphone, responsive websites offer people the option of accessing them on whatever type of devices they choose to use.

If your website is not responsive, you can expect to lose 80-90% of customers coming to your website through a mobile device. Statistics show that people who are unable to navigate easily through a Fort Lauderdale business website will leave the site and take their money elsewhere or their loyalty to a competitor’s brand.

Some lifelong customers might try to access their favorite Fort Lauderdale business on a desktop computer or even call an establishment that they frequent in Fort Lauderdale, but the vast majority will simply click off a non-responsive website, pull up their favorite web browser, and search for a similar business in the area.

You don’t want this to happen! That is why it is essential to get your website responsive and your web pages optimized for AMP. Doing so will result in greater conversions and sales on your website as well as build stronger customer loyalty.

Consult with Website Designer

Now that you’ve tested out your site and you don’t like what you experienced, it is time to consult with an experienced web designer who can walk through your website with you and discuss your best options. Give us a call today: 800-558-1017.

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Organic Ranking

Link Building Benefits for Fort Lauderdale Business Websites

There are many benefits of having a professional Organic Ranking company in Fort Lauderdale working on the backend of your website if you want to build an audience and have your business website ranked high in search results.

Organic Ranking services can range from keyword search to link building. Having Icon Website Design in your corner means you are working with a team of experts who know every aspect of Organic Ranking services. Since it is an ever-evolving industry, we continue to study and research the business of Organic Ranking because that’s what we love to do!

Importance of Link Building in Organic Ranking Services

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings, then you will need to understand how important link building is to your website. Popular search engines analyze both the number and the quality of the links that a site has, both going to and coming from other sites.

Links also increase credibility. In other words, those links that lead to other sites are ways that they can vouch for both the reliability and authority of your website and vice versa.

At Icon Website Design, we will get the best links for your Fort Lauderdale business so that your website will be noticed, verifiable, and rank with authority.

Building a network of credible websites that support links is a tool of the trade and not all Organic Ranking proponents understand the type of thorough investigation required for each viable link. In ordered to be seen as the best, you have to create a network that links you to the best. Our trained team members are experienced in the nuances of finding suitable links for your Fort Lauderdale business website and will ensure that each link is credible, long-lasting, and will contribute to better rankings for your website.

More on Link Building and Organic Ranking Services

Learn more about link building and other Organic Ranking services for your Fort Lauderdale business by calling Icon Website Design today!

An Organic Ranking professional can be reached at 1-800-558-1017.

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