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Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Plan
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Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Plan

Let’s say you have a business and you need to expand it as much exposure as possible. The only problem is you don’t have the budget to throw around money. Fortunately for your small business, social media is here to help with your internet marketing. Of course, it helps to use the right social media strategies to attract shoppers and turn them into customers. It all begins with becoming familiar with your audience and when they do their shopping online.

As a businessman or woman, it is vital to stay connected to your clients, and what better to do so than with social media? In just seconds from the palm of your hand, you can post important information about a big sale or a local event that will bring you business. Just keep in mind some of the most pressing factors. For example, if you are marketing to a national audience, you should think about the different time zones. While marketing to Palm Beach and New York at 9 in the morning sounds ideal, it may be a colossal waste of money to start a digital marketing campaign at 6 o’clock in California. Find a time that works for everybody in the nation.

At the same time, think about the average age of your buyers. If you are selling children’s toys or a retirement facility, it may not be smart to post content late at night. However, a glitzy nightclub should take advantage of the late-night surfers with an after-hours online marketing campaign.

At first glance, picking the right social media platform and posting time may seem difficult. However, as soon as you can distinguish between the key players, such as Facebook and Instagram, taking advantage of social media will become second nature.

1          Facebook

Let’s start with Facebook, considering it is the biggest and perhaps the most influential of all the social networks. Think about it, pretty much every person and business you know already has an account on Facebook. Many of them are everyday users as well. Studies have shown that the afternoon is the best time for any business to post on the site. Still, anytime during the day can still be effective. Just try to avoid late night and early morning posts, as fewer consumers will see them.

2          Twitter

You must be familiar with the network by now, thanks to Donald Trump’s late-night posts. Unlike Facebook and other social media outlets, a business will not be harmed for posting multiple times a day on Twitter. The messages are brief, so they must be poignant. Studies have shown that early in the afternoon is the ideal time to share messages on Twitter.

3          Instagram

Instagram is becoming used more and more by adults in the business world. Folks think it is extremely engaging. It also helps businesses’ sales, as their products can easily be shown to consumers. It is unfortunate that the desktop version of Instagram is disappointing compared to the mobile app. Regardless, the social network is still extremely popular, especially in the evenings.

There is no reason that your business shouldn’t be taking advantage of social media outlets. Call the digital marketing specialists at Icon Website Design today to improve your business’s social media pages.

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Digital Marketing to Improve Your Online Reputation

Now that we are in the year 2018, a business’s online reputation is crucial. Google’s search engine is the primary method that customers rely on to find and research your company. Obviously, you want a positive reputation on the internet.

It is possible to have an impact on Google’s search results with skilled online reputation management. It takes well-written and search engine optimized (Organic Ranking) content to climb on Google’s search results and bump back any negative feedback from the eyes of your targeted audience.

For starters, you should create a presence on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Then target your audience of followers by niches, such as ‘Health clinic in Delay Beach’ or ‘Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.’ The more you share, the more visibility you will gain. Just don’t overdo it, or you will likely get blocked from noteworthy groups. Interact with potential and return customers and gain their trust.

Take advantage of blogging to assist your online reputation management. Keep readers in the loop of whatever is going on in your business world. Make use of Organic Ranking keywords, as well as the hottest topics on search engines, like the Minnesota Vikings or Tom Brady. At the same time, you can directly respond to any comments, pro or con, that a person posts about your company.

When replying to a comment on your blog, as well as on social media, be respectful. This is much better than telling an irritated customer off or giving him or her a textbook response. Try to accommodate a buyer without breaking the bank or making an enemy. If your business screws up an order, accept responsibly, apologize with authenticity, and remedy the situation. The last thing you want to do is get in the middle of an argument on a blog or social media, no matter how out-of-line a customer may become.

Another advantage of digital marketing is that a company can track 100% of its inbound calls, emails, and online chats to figure out a business’s exact costs down to the penny. Quality content writing can attract search engines for no cost, as long as you know the latest and greatest tricks to the trade. You can even set your own budget for targeted pay per click campaigns, while connecting with friends and followers to share your messages on social media.

As far as what the future of adverting will consist of, internet marketers will be able to identify exactly when their targeted customers are searching the web. Movie theaters will be able to advertise their show times to an entertainment reader every Friday afternoon, while ads for a Miami Dolphins jersey will appear when a sports fan is checking the football scores on Monday morning. One thing will remain certain, our digital marketing solutions will continue to progress, just like they have for the last five decades.

When you are ready to get your business exposed to thousands of potential customers, rely on the best digital marketing team in the business. Visit Icon Website Design online, or call us today at 954.716.8675.

Smart Digital Marketing Techniques for 2018
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Smart Digital Marketing Techniques for 2018

The job of an online marketing campaign is to get visitors to click on your small business’s webpage and stay there. Hopefully, that click will lead to a sale, a positive review, and a return customer in the future. The good news is getting on the first page of Google with an optimal website doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just have to know the game. Any small business, as well as a corporate empire, can profit from the latest and greatest techniques for digital advertising.

For starters, write a blog with regular updates. Use a friendly tone without sacrificing your reliability and expertise in the field. Reach readers with perseverance and comments on a regular basis. If people appreciate your blog posts, they will share it with their contacts, multiplying your audience. Be patient, as it may take a little time to build up a reliable following. Just don’t chase readers away with too many sales pitches, and your business can generate tens of thousands a month with the best digital marketing strategies.

Once your website is ready for online business, you need to engage visitors with compelling digital design, photos, videos, and well-structured content. The same goes for the business’s social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, as they supply vendors with another fantastic platform to share knowledge, messages, and deals. The right digital marketing strategies on social media give your products or services instant visibility.

For starters, sending out mass emails is extremely cost-effective. A business’s return on investment can be a whopping success. Creating or even purchasing email lists and automated email programs are minimal expenses, especially when you can earn back approximately 40 times your original cost with every sale.

Sharing your business’s communication on email allows you to relay relevant and insightful messages to your targeted audience, whether or not they even have social media accounts. You can blast folks according to age, sex, and location. Public relations and marketing departments should rely on trial and error to see what email blasts work the best. Today, marketers must ensure that their emails can be displayed properly on smartphones.

With the best marketing tactics, you can decide if you should take a promotional or a personal tone with your readers. Are you carrying on a conversation or simply providing them advice? What will he or she take away from the email? If you present negatives about a product or service, you have to supply a better alternative. If sharing positives, educate your readers on where and how to get what they need.

Email marketing is now easier to access than ever before. Rather than individuals setting aside time to check their emails, they have smartphones in the palms of their hands. This allows them almost instant access to their inboxes throughout the day, whether the person is at home, in the office, at a restaurant or stuck in a traffic jam. People can now receive, open and actually read your email regardless of where they are and what time of the day it is.

The competitive world of digital advertising is extremely complex, as it changes by the second. Call Icon Website Design today to get the internet marketing plan you’ve always wanted, 954.716.8675.

Website Design for Small Businesses Online
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Website Design for Small Businesses

When it comes time to create the newest and most advanced web pages for your small business online, remember to keep it simple. Instead of wowing visitors with outrageously flashy images, get right to the point.

These days, surfers on the web tend to be impatient. That means that a person will give your site about 1 full second before deciding if he or she should back-click or continue looking at your business website. That is why it is imperative to make a small business’s custom online store’s website design stand far above its competition.

Keep in mind if you are targeting a specific area, such as Downtown West Palm Beach, Broward County, or South Florida in general. Perhaps you want your online store to gain exposure throughout the entire nation, if not the globe. Regardless, it is no problem for the experienced digital marketing specialist.

The best website design services available today for online stores involve everything from developing an attractive and fast website to keeping it current with regular updates to the creative content development. After all, a small business’s website appearance and functionality may form a consumer’s first impression of your business. You certainly don’t want that impression to be spoiled with broken links, an unattractive design, and pages that don’t load quickly enough.

So, how does an experienced online marketing team know where to begin with your business’s online store? It’s simple. You will sit down and speak with an internet marketing representative. That way, everyone can work together to create the specific site you want and meet all your business goals. Just make sure you are completely satisfied with your website. If there is a photo or a page that you aren’t in love with, get it replaced.

There is no question that the right online store website design services must be efficient. Only depend on a business website design that loads quickly and has a concise call to action. You want online shoppers to be able to easily navigate through your site and remain engaged with a modern website design, as well as well-written content to attract both buyers and search engines.

To top it all off, your digital marketing specialists should make sure your website is created on a responsive design, confirming your custom online store mobile website is efficient. Otherwise, search engine giants, like Google, will punish your business’s search engine ranking for not working properly on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

When it comes to your small business’s online marketing, you should get the latest and greatest design trends on the market. Make sure your internet business website stands above and beyond your competition.

There is no question that selling goods and services online can be extremely competitive. That is why it is vital that your internet business is easy to locate, while looking spectacular in the eyes of those surfing the web. Fortunately for small businesses throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County, we build responsive web designs for online stores that go above and beyond our customers’ highest expectations. Call Icon Website Design today to learn more, 954.716.8675.

5 Critical Web Design Tips for Business
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5 Critical Web Design Tips for Business

No matter how attractive a business website looks or how cleverly written its content is, it must function well. At least there are 5 valuable techniques to ensure that you are attracting consumers to your website.

1          Avoid clutter on your homepage

The average reader does not read every line on a business website, or any site for that matter. Rather, folks’ eyes scan the pages, picking up on images and headings with certain keywords. “Free” and “Discount” are perfect examples of keywords that consumers see. The last thing you want to do is clutter a page with too much content. Doing so makes bounce rates soar. Be sure to include Calls to Action, like “Click Here Now” or “Learn More.” Just be sure to use subheadings in different size fonts, along with images to add to the writing.

2          Make the content enjoyable to read

Whether folks are scanning the web from their homes, their offices, or the palms of their hands in restaurants, they want to read content without working too hard. Nobody wants to use a dictionary when reading a webpage. In other words, write for the average reader’s enjoyment, rather than trying to impress a college professor with your large vocabulary. If your website is easy to follow, more and more users will visit it and spend time reading your content. Remember, readers do not want to work extra hard when reading a page on the internet.

In order to make sure your content is easy to read, make sure it stands apart from the background. In other words, use a dark font on a light background, and vice-versa. Use trial and error with several color schemes, different fonts, and sizes to see what you like the best on your site. Always think of the visitors’ eyes. You never want to leave a person struggling to make out the words on your business page because of outrageous colors or fonts. Remember the old slogan, K.I.S.S. for keep it simple stupid.

3          Make sure a person can easily navigate through your site

Artistic creativity is a wonderful trait. However, save experimental web designs for places other than your business website. The last thing folks want to do is spend time searching for general information, like a phone number or address on a site. In other words, make sure your business website is easy to navigate through. Doing so will also help search engines, like Google, properly index your pages.

4          Become Mobile Friendly

For better or for worse, we are now living in a mobile world. People walk around with tablets in their purses and briefcases, while just about every man, woman, and child have a smartphone in the palms of their hands. Make sure to get a responsive website to ensure mobile-friendliness.

5          Be the Buyer

On a final note, put yourself in the position of a first-time viewer. Would you have trouble finding everything you need, from the main menu to your social media links, FAQs, and contact page? As long as everything is in place on your business website, customers should start calling in no time.

When you are ready to get the best web design for your small business, Icon Website Design always takes care of business. Visit Icon Website Design, or call us today at 954.716.8675.

Start Content Marketing
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Start Content Marketing

There is no question that content marketing works. Maybe you have limited your content to your homepage, as well as your Facebook account, or perhaps you’ve simply been procrastinating all the writing that could be done. Whatever the case may be, you should focus a great deal of time and effort on your content to get it right. At the end of the day, that is how you will earn the most return on your investment.

Before you break open a journal or begin typing away your life story, it is essential that you create a strategy for your content marketing. It helps to use a checklist to list each of your goals. That way, you can know what you should write about, how much you should write, when it all should be accomplished, and how to measure your readership. That way, you can enjoy the feeling of crossing off each of your listings as soon as they are accomplished.

Another crucial thing that any online marketing campaign needs is a functioning business website. There isn’t much of a point of attracting readers and shoppers if you have nowhere to send them. Sure, supplying a phone number can help, but most shoppers want to check out the goods on the web. If there isn’t a business website for them to see, they will simply move on to your competitors’ web pages. Of course, a well-designed, vivid, and informative business page is always best. But even one simple webpage is better than nothing on the internet at all.

As soon as you have a business page or pages to direct readers to, it is time to create a business blog. Again, doing so doesn’t have to be anything fancy. All that is needed is well-written content to post. While the right keywords will attract search engines, informative and entertaining content will not only attract readers, it will also keep them coming back on a regular basis to read more. These blogs will then attract readers to specific landing pages, generating leads for a business.

Do not forget about the importance of search engine optimization. After all, content marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting better organic Organic Ranking rankings. And we all know how difficult, as well as rewarding it can be to get on the first page of Google. An excellent Organic Ranking campaign begins with finding the best keywords. Focus on the industry and your audience. Are you targeting retired men and women in Boca Raton, teenagers in Delray Beach, or millennials throughout the nation? Depend on this information to better focus your content to specific consumers.

Finally, every business should come up with its own distribution strategy. Will your sales representatives answer questions and make suggestions for a business’s copy? Content can also be blasted out to thousands of potential readers on email in the form of a newsletter. Don’t forget about popular social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Having the right content in place for a digital marketing campaign can certainly help any business gain exposure, as well as profits.

When it comes to content marketing, Icon Website Design has the skill to make your visions a reality. We build the best responsive web designs in the business. Call Icon Website Design today to learn more, 954.716.8675.

internet marketing
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Expand Your Business’s Reach

Your buddy from high school now owns his own pub, while your former co-worker opened up her own store at the mall to sell the dresses she creates. There is something different, as well as special about locally owned businesses. Rather than Starbucks on the corner or a familiar fast food joint, the businesses are more down to earth when they are owned and ran by locals.

With millions of locally owned business spread across the nation, many of them have become staples of their communities. Whether it is sponsoring the kids’ soccer team, serving breakfast every Saturday morning, or giving out ice cream cones after the movies, consumers feel at home in their favorite local businesses. But how much money would these local businesses be making if only they expanded.

Now that we are living in the digital age, every man, woman, and child you know seems to have the internet, social media, and email at their fingertips. Roughly 80% of all searches are local, rather than national. That means Charlie’s Hardware Shop on the corner can instantly connect with a global audience. The store just needs the right online marketing strategy first.

All business owners know that the world wide web is an incredible tool. No longer are retailers and consumers bound by business hours and locations. Those selling merchandise and services no longer have to spend big bucks on advertising campaigns, when they can rely on the best digital marketing techniques available. They range from a well-developed responsive website with powerful keywords and creative content. Businesses can then send out emails and post videos on YouTube to demonstrate your product or service. Show a party taking place in your restaurant or a group of women wearing the designer shoes that you created in your garage.

Social media, such as Instagram, allows a work at home mom to sell the cookies she bakes all day. Travel agents boost their specials when they post them on Facebook, allowing them to appear in front of targeted viewers. Deals can be shared on LinkedIn. And if you want to let your followers know about a big sale as soon as it begins, you can use Twitter to spread your message. Photos of the products can be seen on Pinterest, coupons can be printed from Groupon, and your customers can leave you all types of feedback on sites like Yelp. The list keeps going and going.

When you are ready to expand your business’s reach, Icon Website Design always takes care of business. Visit us online, or call today at 800.558.1017.

Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign
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Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can make or break a business. It all depends on whether a business has a successful digital marketing campaign or not. With effective pay per click ads, you can gain mass exposure for minimal costs. However, a poorly managed AdWords campaign can easily blow through a business’s budget with nothing to show for it.

Nowadays, consumers are searching the web from the palms of their hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online marketing, such as pay per click, is transforming the way consumers learn about everything from running shoes and cruise packages to local plumbers and theater tickets.

Just a couple of decades ago, businesses used to outbid one another for the best billboards along the highway, as well as the best spots on TV and the radio. Search engines results have joined the list, while both the White Pages and Yellow Pages have faded away. Google now gets about half a million searches every second. That makes billions every day and trillions by the year. In other words, a majority of businesses must rely on Google search results to stay relevant in today’s market. Without the visibility earned on the first page of search results, a business may never get noticed and go out of business in no time.

Many times, people who are surfing the web visit your site, but do not make a purchase. That is when retargeting your AdWords can make a huge difference. Not only are the advertisements targeted, but they are far more successful than regular ads seen on the internet. Think about it, have you looked at a pair of shoes on Amazon, but decided not to buy them until Google AdWords convinced you to look at them again until you eventually spent the money? It happens to the best of us, simply because retargeting ads work.

In order for an AdWords campaign to work, it is essential to have an amazing keyword list. First, you need your core list of targeted keywords.

Next, you should modify your keywords. Come up with words and phrases to make your keywords unique. Use words like cheap, inexpensive, discount, authentic, and special.

Then create an irresistible ad copy. Entice visitors to your website by using effective, concise and descriptive words, especially in the headline that will attract the eye of someone browsing a search results page.

Finally, limit your ad distribution to interested prospects. Save money by staying focused on your particular audiences, rather than using a general term to attract a high volume of only window shoppers. To target your audience more closely, use websites built-in tools, such as Google’s Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Negative Keywords.

Creating an effective pay per click campaign is now a necessity, even if it is a complex process. Fortunately, Icon Website Design in South Florida has you covered. Let our content specialists serve as your virtual assistants with your pay per click advertising campaigns. Our staff members are Google Certified to run AdWords campaigns. Call Icon Website Design today at (800) 558-1017.

Social Media Strategy
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Get the Best Social Media Strategy for 2018

Let’s say you want your business to gain mass exposure on the internet, then it is time to implement an effective social media strategy. After all, posting your content on social media outlets allows your business to communicate with a targeted audience at a fraction of the cost of television and radio advertisements. Better yet, you can change something in no time to keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends.

Speaking of targeting your ads, you really must determine your audience. For example, you don’t want to be spending time and money advertising a child’s video game to a bunch of retired women. It is crucial to know your audience. These ladies may be looking for manicures and pedicures, especially ones with coupons.

What time of day you are advertising makes a difference. 11 pm may work for an internet dating site, but not advertising for a restaurant to try for breakfast. Also, what a 4-year-old finds intriguing about a commercial won’t be the same information as a teenager or a parent. Are you targeting clientele in Boca Raton, all South Florida, or the entire nation? Figure out the demographic you are trying to reach and many of these answers will appear. Best of all, you can test the waters with each campaign for a little bit and see what works before you spend a fortune on the wrong campaign.

As soon as you have your targeted audience figured out, you get to choose the platform you want to share it on. After all, the right social media outlets can expose a business to thousands of potential buyers. The opportunities on the popular Facebook are seemingly endless, as folks can easily share your posts with all their friends in a matter of seconds. There are now more than a couple billion users who have accounts on Facebook. Twitter is a preferred outlet for B2B, as the messages are short and to the point. Its newsfeed is always changing, and it is simple to start a conversation with others.

Finally, you must possess well-written content that attracts human interests, along with search engines. You can have a spectacular video on your web page, but it will not rank with poorly written content. Take advantage of this writing to expose your product or service to the market.

Is your business ready to get a social media plan that is seen on a variety of platforms with both photos and coupons? How would you like your posts to be liked and shared by hundreds, if not thousands of consumers turn to the best in the digital marketing business? If so, it is time to visit Icon Website Design online, or simply pick up the phone and call us today at 800.558.1017.

Irma pray
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Bounce Your Business Back After the Hurricane with a 50% Off Discount

Since hitting the state of Florida over the weekend, Hurricane Irma was the strongest we’ve experienced since Katrina in 2005. The Category 5 Hurricane winds reached 185 mph, but dropped to a Category 4 by the time it hit land in the Florida Keys with 160 mph winds. More than 50 men and women have lost their lives, while more than 4 million homes and businesses suffered a loss of power. Insurance analysists estimate the economic damage in the state to be roughly $300 billion. Fortunately, Florida local businesses can come back stronger than ever with organic search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing.

If you are a Florida local business, you can now gain back the business that you lost from Hurricane Irma with 50% off your first month of online marketing services and no set-up fees. If you have been thinking of starting or improving upon a digital marketing campaign with superior graphics, search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click, email blasts and social media, rely on Icon Website Design to handle all your online marketing needs. Not only are we AdWord Certified, we are a Google Partner with insider knowledge of the trade. Contact us now to receive 15% Discount to all businesses in Florida. https://www.icongrowth.com/

Applies to all online marketing packages for the 1st month of service.  Expires 9-22-2017

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