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If you’ve been thinking of starting a Pay-Per-Click campaign, rely on Icon Website Design to handle all your digital marketing needs. Not only are we AdWord Certified, we are a Google Partner with insider knowledge of the trade. Contact us now to receive a free $150 voucher towards your AdWords campaign. https://www.icongrowth.com/

Profitable Digital Marketing Techniques
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Profitable Digital Marketing Techniques

There is no question that digital marketing in 2017 is competitive. It takes technical skills, as well as quality copywriting. Of course, you want your website to attract a targeted audience with search engine optimization, also known as Organic Ranking.

You need to get visitors to click on your page and stay there. Hopefully, that click will lead to a sale, a positive review, and a return customer in the future.

The good news is getting on the first page of Google with an optimal website doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just have to know the game. Any small business, as well as a corporate empire, can profit from the latest and greatest techniques for digital advertising.

For starters, write a blog with regular updates. Use a friendly tone without sacrificing your reliability and expertise in the field. Reach readers with perseverance and comments on a regular basis. If people appreciate your blog posts, they will share it with their contacts, multiplying your audience. Be patient, as it may take a little time to build up a reliable following. Just don’t chase readers away with too many sales pitches, and your business can generate tens of thousands a month with the best digital marketing strategies.

Once your website is ready for online business, your need to engage visitors with compelling digital design, photos, videos, and well-structured content. The same goes for the business’s social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, as they supply vendors with another fantastic platform to share knowledge, messages, and deals. The right digital marketing strategies on social media give your products or services instant visibility.

The competitive world of Organic Ranking advertising is extremely complex, as it changes by the second. Just be careful because a search engine giant, like Google, can change its regulations, nullifying your business’s digital marketing campaign. Contact Icon Website Design today, and you can profit enormously from digital marketing.

Digital Videos on Mobile Devices
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Digital Videos on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, everyone is watching digital videos on their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. That means there’s now an enormous market of video advertising trends available for retailers. Advertising is only becoming more and more aggressive, as the number of viewers continues to skyrocket on social media sites and blogs.

Last year, Cowen Group published data displaying how much video marketing has grown. American businesses spent almost $10 billion on digital video advertising last year alone. That number is expected to jump to approximately $28 billion in the next 3 years thanks to smartphone users.

Of course, nobody will be surprised to learn that YouTube is predicted to be the Number One source of video advertising in the next 11 months or so. However, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media websites will become more popular for consumers, making a significant dent in YouTube’s reign. Businesses also must realize that the videos should be dependent on audio, as many viewers have their devices muted.

A quarter of all video advertising dollars is directed towards mobile phones. In fact, potential buyers currently watch more advertisements on their phones than listen to music. These consumers are also more focused on their smartphones than other devices, such as television or radio. Industry giants, like Google, have made it easier for both companies and consumers to see ads, as well as share them.

Video advertising all over the internet isn’t just growing in numbers, it is getting more technologically advanced. After all, web surfers are looking to get their news delivered as quickly as possible. Appealing videos posted beside engaging content only increases viewership.

When you are ready to effectively reach your targeted audience with superior digital advertising, including advanced website design, web hosting, Organic Ranking, internet marketing and video integration, rely on Icon Website Design. Do not get left behind in the video revolution.

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