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Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign
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Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can make or break a business. It all depends on whether a business has a successful digital marketing campaign or not. With effective pay per click ads, you can gain mass exposure for minimal costs. However, a poorly managed AdWords campaign can easily blow through a business’s budget with nothing to show for it.

Nowadays, consumers are searching the web from the palms of their hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online marketing, such as pay per click, is transforming the way consumers learn about everything from running shoes and cruise packages to local plumbers and theater tickets.

Just a couple of decades ago, businesses used to outbid one another for the best billboards along the highway, as well as the best spots on TV and the radio. Search engines results have joined the list, while both the White Pages and Yellow Pages have faded away. Google now gets about half a million searches every second. That makes billions every day and trillions by the year. In other words, a majority of businesses must rely on Google search results to stay relevant in today’s market. Without the visibility earned on the first page of search results, a business may never get noticed and go out of business in no time.

Many times, people who are surfing the web visit your site, but do not make a purchase. That is when retargeting your AdWords can make a huge difference. Not only are the advertisements targeted, but they are far more successful than regular ads seen on the internet. Think about it, have you looked at a pair of shoes on Amazon, but decided not to buy them until Google AdWords convinced you to look at them again until you eventually spent the money? It happens to the best of us, simply because retargeting ads work.

In order for an AdWords campaign to work, it is essential to have an amazing keyword list. First, you need your core list of targeted keywords.

Next, you should modify your keywords. Come up with words and phrases to make your keywords unique. Use words like cheap, inexpensive, discount, authentic, and special.

Then create an irresistible ad copy. Entice visitors to your website by using effective, concise and descriptive words, especially in the headline that will attract the eye of someone browsing a search results page.

Finally, limit your ad distribution to interested prospects. Save money by staying focused on your particular audiences, rather than using a general term to attract a high volume of only window shoppers. To target your audience more closely, use websites built-in tools, such as Google’s Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Negative Keywords.

Creating an effective pay per click campaign is now a necessity, even if it is a complex process. Fortunately, Icon Website Design in South Florida has you covered. Let our content specialists serve as your virtual assistants with your pay per click advertising campaigns. Our staff members are Google Certified to run AdWords campaigns. Call Icon Website Design today at (800) 558-1017.

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