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Experience Success with Google AdWords
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Experience Success with Google AdWords

If you have been in the business world for the last few years, you have certainly heard of Google AdWords. Some businesses rave about the pay per click advertising, while others curse AdWords for burning through their budgets. But the simple fact remains that any business can experience success with AdWords, as long as they know what they are doing.

It is true that running a campaign with Google AdWords does cost money, but what mass media outlet doesn’t? It is not like you can run a radio commercial, a TV spot, or a magazine ad without spending big bucks. However, it is your return on investment (ROI) that matters. As long as you know what you are doing, your ROI from AdWords can be spectacular.

To begin, you must learn the ins and outs of AdWords. Thousands of people throw away money simply because they are not taking the time to learn how to run a smart campaign. Like it or not, a successful AdWords campaign requires doing plenty of homework to learn things like negative keywords, how to bid, and account structure. Then your campaign requires constant monitoring, as well as trial and error.

Another crucial detail that many folks do not understand is restrictive match types. Match types refer to your audience. For instance, there is no point in advertising across the nation for a local pizza parlor in Fort Lauderdale. In other words, if your match type is too broad, you are throwing away your hard-earned money on every click you get that doesn’t end up in a sale. That is why it helps to use phrases, such as “South Florida Italian restaurant” as well as exact keywords, like “Fort Lauderdale pizza” in your ads.

Many times, a business’s AdWords campaign attracts many clicks that never convert into sales. The main reason paid searches do not work for them is because they are poorly structured. Maybe their targeted keywords are too broad. They are not relevant to searches, or they do not take advantage of negative keywords. If you are selling inexpensive boys’ basketball sneakers in Chicago, you certainly don’t want to pay for a national ad that states, “Low Priced Shoes.” How many women in New York are going to click on your ad and take money out of your bank account?

If you have a Google AdWords account, Icon Website Design will be happy to perform a free review for your business. After all, we are Google Certified. If your business does not have an account with Google, we will still be happy to sit down for a free consultation to create an effective campaign for your product or service to earn a strong internet presence. Call Icon Website Design today at 954.733.8862.

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