Social media has changed the face of online communication and business marketing. From Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram, this is where businesses need to position themselves in order to be effective in reaching their target audience.

Social Media is Where the Customers Are

Thousands of prospective customers and potential clients use social media every day. With just a click of a mouse, companies can connect directly with these future consumers simply and easily on social media. If you are not already using it for your business, you must if you want to remain competitive. Businesses need to be reaching out and marketing their brand, product, services, and successes on social media platforms which will not only get them name recognition, but will deliver them results.

Truly effective social media strategies concentrate on results. It isn’t just empty chatter and entertaining pictures; social media marketing is so much more than that, especially when it is handled by an expert team that knows how to develop social media marketing campaigns that work.

Icon Website Design is that team. We develop data-driven marketing strategies using the latest metrics and measurement analytics to suit each industry’s needs when creating social media marketing campaigns for our business clients.

Social Media Offerings – What We Will Do for You

Our team of social media strategists will work with you on building:

  • Social Media Strategy:
  • Track the interests and needs of specific target markets and develop social media campaigns that will get you noticed.

  • Social Listening:
  • Monitor digital media channels to devise a strategy that will attract consumers.

  • Social Platform Selection & Development:
  • Determine which social media platforms will advance your business objectives.

  • Content Development & Distribution:
  • Create and distribute content designed to meet business goals that have a set end-target on success.
    To get the most out of your social media marketing, businesses need to get noticed by potential clients and even more importantly search engines. Great businesses are often never found because their websites and social media posts are buried way down on the list in search engines results. But who has the time to spend posting on multiple social media sites and keeping up with the latest Organic Ranking strategies to get them noticed? We do!

    Our team at Icon Website Design will take any blog or article posted on your website and promote it for you on 20 highly ranked social media sites. Not only will this increase your social media presence by getting your name noticed, it will drive traffic to your site and build quality backlinks to help search engines rank your business higher in search results.

    Think Big Picture.Success in the social media arena comes down to a master plan. It’s about the Big Picture. There is not one platform that will help you accomplish social media marketing success. It takes several different social media avenues to direct your path in reaching your intended audience with an effective social media strategy. Time will be needed to build and reach your preferred audience in order to achieve name recognition and business benefits.

    At Icon Website Design, our team of dedicated social media specialists will advise you on the best social media strategy for your industry and determine the most effective way to implement it for the biggest impact and fastest achievement.

    All of your social media marketing efforts will get you nowhere if your business website is weak. The foundation of your social media marketing campaign relies upon the power of your business website. If it isn’t ready to convert browsers into customers, then what’s the point?

    Today’s business websites demand attractive, easy-to-navigate pages. It needs to tell visitors what they are there for and show search engines why your website is the one that should be listed at the top of search results. Web pages need to be expertly optimized for search engines so they can help potential customers find you.

    Before you invest in social media, you need to ensure your business website is doing all it can for you. At Icon Website Design, website design is our specialty! Our website designers will create a website for your business that will not only look amazing but will position it to be found.

    By setting the right search engine optimization elements in place behind the scenes and the best in creative design in front, Icon Website Design will get your business website noticed.

    Got questions? Give us a call and talk to one of our website designers or social media strategists today!

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