Organic Ranking is a term used to describe a process of improving the volume of traffic to a web site from search engines in the natural search results. The innovative and successful web designers and search engine optimizers at Icon Website Design have spent thousands of hours mastering the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization. Thanks to our efforts, our clients now control over 65,000 keywords with Top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. Organic Ranking is a primary element in the success of any website. Studies show that close to 90 percent of online sales are generated by search engine queries, and that over 210,000,000 web searches are being performed on a daily basis. Since very few businesses of any kind would survive if they suddenly lost 90 percent of their leads, you can easily understand why Organic Ranking is such a critical element in having a successful website.Icon has created a number of organic Organic Ranking pre-planned packages. Generally, they are based on the geographic scope of the optimization, as the geographic area expands so does the level of competition so more work is required to achieve first page placement. We can work at the local, state, regional (multiple states), or national level. Our packages start as low as $149 per month.

There are many facets to optimization, all of which need to comply with current and evolving search engine standards (think Google’s Panda revisions). Effective optimization requires concentration on website coding, content on the website, content published outside the website, and links outside the website. Icon works on all of these aspects as part of its search optimization.

Our “packages” are flexible and can be adjusted to take into account your budget considerations as well as your desire for speed and magnitude of results. We can adjust the number of keywords, the geographic area that will be targeted, and even the time it will take to achieve these results.

Many Organic Ranking companies talk of achieving first page results; Icon GUARANTEES them and is willing to share success stories with you.Success for online advertising and presence is best determined by ROI (Return on Investment), so measuring that success is an important part of any Organic Ranking campaign or work, be that organic optimization, pay-per-click, social media campaigns, e-mail blasts, or other marketing effort undertaken to reach and secure an audience/clients.

Often, the first, and most important, step is analyzing both your customers’ wishes and how your competition is reaching your audience. Understanding these factors underlies successfully reaching and satisfying this audience. Icon has the tools and experience to undertake this analysis and to deliver accurate, detailed methodology to achieve results.

Spending money is easy; spending it wisely takes a little more time and effort. Did you know that a well laid-out pay-per-click campaign can save 30%-40% of what would otherwise have been spent?

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