Organize Your Time with Online Schedules

Schedules can be difficult to make and even more difficult to keep. How much time a month do your employees spend playing phone tag to schedule or reschedule meetings? Or to find out when a conference room is available? If the answer is “too much,” it is time for you and your colleagues, community group members, friends, or relatives to start using online schedules designed by Icon Website Design!

An online schedule designed by Icon Website Design automatically notifies you of scheduling conflicts if the people or resources you are scheduling are not available. You can then choose available openings using availability checking and automatically determine an optimal meeting time. An online schedule designed by Icon Website Design even takes time zone differences into consideration. It lets you do all this without sacrificing privacy or sharing personal data through a group calendar.

Here’s the best part: No longer will you need to juggle multiple business, social or personal calendars! And no longer must you access your calendar only from your computer at work! Unlike enterprise scheduling systems, which require colleagues to be on the same network, you can schedule with people belonging to different organizations or networks. This means you can schedule with colleagues, business partners, soccer group buddies, etc. Still, each organization you belong to has its own administrative interface to determine authorization and access levels.

Do you need to share files, addresses, bookmarks, memos, messages, or assign to do’s with colleagues or friends? Use the powerful collaboration tools provided in the installation and immediately discover how much time you’ll save!

Here are some of the features that will be available to you when you have your online scheduling software installed by Icon Website Design, LLC!

Appointment Management:

  • Staff Scheduling
  • Add, change or cancel appointments
  • Set one or multiple appointments per time slot
  • Simultaneously view schedules for multiple staff members
  • Set recurring appointments
  • View and update past appointments
  • View appointments in daily or weekly view
  • Color-coded grid to determine appointment status
  • Customize appointment durations as needed (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour, etc.)
  • Customer Self-Scheduling
  • Allow customers to schedule and cancel their own appointments.
  • Permit customers to immediately book after registering or require approval first.
  • Determine how far in advance customers can make and cancel appointments.

Customer Functionality:

  • Secure login
  • Select a specific staff member for the appointment or “no preference.”
  • Cannot view other scheduled appointments
  • Displays a link to staff profiles and services
  • Edit contact info; change password; add, change, delete pets/children
  • Simultaneously book appointments for multiple pets/children
  • Add self to waiting list (if no time slots available when booking)
  • Allows customer to select specific staff member and service
    Offer secure online payment options for services Color-coded grid to determine appointment status.
  • Printer-friendly appointment confirmation.

Customer Management:

  • Add, update or delete customers
  • Maintain payment information
  • View appointment and purchase history
  • Search by last name, e-mail, city or phone number
  • Assign to specific staff members
  • Create and track different customer types
  • Create personalized statuses
  • Track how customers heard about your organization
  • Customer notes
  • View notes while managing appointments
  • Enter notes while managing appointments
  • Uploads and exports.
    • Export information to Excel.
    • Upload information from databases.
  • And more!
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