Microsoft Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management with MSN AdCenter

MSN AdCenter is the Yahoo-Bing-MSN version of Google AdWords. In order to compete with the ongoing market growth of Google, this allegiance was bred to provide both businesses and individuals a more powerful, useful angle to approach the world of both organic and paid online marketing.

The benefits of a combined Pay-Per-Click campaign between the powers of Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing and MSN advertising are primarily financial, clearly being a cheaper choice than a Google campaign in terms of price but not necessarily quality. With Yahoo, Bing & MSN, you get more “bang for your buck” while sacrificing style. Google is the most popular search engine, true; however, popularity also comes with downfalls. More often than not, Pay-Per-Click charges on Yahoo are significantly lower for the same keyword on Google, to the tune of almost 50%. This discrepancy is based on the fact that Yahoo has a lower percentage of competition per keyword. According to ComScore, this initiative between Yahoo and Microsoft has gathered nearly thirty (30) percent (%) of the daily search volume in the United States. To give a point of reference, most sites provide data stating that Google comprises roughly sixty-five (65) percent (%) of the U.S. search volume. Therefore, ComScore writes that it is quite impressed that the Yahoo-MSFT partnership resulting in MSN AdCenter has been able to gain nearly half of the volume that Google currently controls – as a matter of fact, as evident through our own series of testing, we see the volume exceed more than half (50%) of Google or, if you’d like, thirty-two point five (32.5) percent (%).

With Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you need to have the metrics that really matter. The CTR (Click Thru Rate, thru meaning through) is higher per keyword via Microsoft advertising. MSFT also boasts in their own self-advertising how much of a “B2C” or, Business to Consumer, powerhouse they are, servicing the consumer demographic exquisitely, and their claims are substantiated in their statistics if you visit Microsoft AdCenter. The long and short of it is that consumers spend money in smaller quantities, but at a much higher rate, so the more consumer traffic you have to your site, the more business you will generate overall. Sitting back and waiting for a B2B (Business to Business) deal to come through and take care of your monthly earnings is not going to cut it in today’s market. Let us build you an amazing MSN AdCenter Pay-Per-Click campaign to get that consumer traffic flowing through your site!

Even if you already have an account either with Microsoft AdCenter, Google AdWords, or both, by no means should you shut down your account. You can even continue your current campaign – if you are losing money, it would be in your best interest to let one of our PPC specialists provide you with advice on how to town around your results. Campaign management is not a simple task, but with our talented and certified professionals, we are the right team to get your advertising back on track!

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