How Does Organic Ranking (Search Engine Optimization) Work?

Search Engine Optimization (Organic Ranking) has one main goal: get your website on the first page of the search results when people search for keywords relevant to your company. While the goal may be simple, Organic Ranking is a multi-faceted website reconfiguration project that takes your website to the top of the search results. Enhancing your site for your specific desired keywords is a complex, time-consuming project that we are dedicated to accomplishing. Icon Website Design only participates in natural Search Engine Optimization – this is to say that all of our optimization efforts to enhance your website are done with legitimate, legal, and search engine acceptable methods. Many sites are penalized for their spamming or other frowned-upon practices such as attempting to dismantle search engine algorithms in their efforts to get to the top. We will take control of your site from the technical perspective only: whether you’ve had the same site for 20 years, or we are building a new one for you. Our expert Organic Ranking specialists know how Organic Ranking works and will solve your website’s coding problems and enhance its content while maintaining the same visual and contextual quality that was initially built into the site.

To understand the process of how Organic Ranking works, first you must understand what the search engines are using for their techniques. There are currently three leading search engines internationally: Google, Yahoo, and Bing (formerly named Microsoft Network Search, MSN Search, Live Search, and Windows Live Search). Each has its own database and a unique search algorithm, or method of compiling, ranking, and retrieving search results. The Search Engines have several factors that they analyze about your site, and several tools that they have designed to do so. Many modern search engine companies use tools such as the “spider,” “crawler,” “indexer,” database, results engine, and a specific web server. Spiders download and view websites, but they leave out any visual aspects. The spider works solely with the HTML coding of your pages. Crawlers check the links by automatically following every one, making sure it is in proper order, leading to the correct page and that the page it leads to is relevant to your site. Indexers will compile the data presented by the spiders and the crawlers, which has been saved to the search engine’s database. The database houses all of the files for the indexer. Once the indexer has finished its analysis of your site, the results engine generates search results and ratings. The web server then finishes the job by handling the interaction with the user and the results. Without your coding being immaculate, your site will not function well during its analysis by each search engine.

To take advantage of such an advanced, precise system, your page needs not only to be up-to-date, but also completely flawless in its coding. Elements such as the keyword density, amount of words on a page, title tags, “alt” tags, Meta tag for both description Meta tags and keyword Meta tags, as well as your site structure, scripts, directories, headers, sessions, redirects, and more all come into play. Icon Website Design can fix all of the potential issues with these various elements of your site to ensure top search engine optimization results. Call today to find out how Organic Ranking works to put businesses like yours at the top of search engine results, driving traffic and new clients to your business.

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