Understand How PPC Works Before You Invest in PPC Advertising

You first need to understand how PPC works in order to make in informed decision when considering starting a pay per click advertising campaign. We cover the most important PPC Metrics: CTR (Click Thru Rate), Average Position, Quality Score, Impression Share, Bounce Rate, and Conversion Rate. Click Thru Rate helps you understand how well your ad copy relates to the audience you are targeting. Average Position tells you how high or low your ad typically shows up on the search result page. Unlike natural (unpaid) rankings in the search engine, being #1 is not always the most profitable. Quality score is an independent measurement done by Google that measures how well your keyword, landing page, and ad relates to a specific search, taking into account past performance. This levels the playing field between the large companies and the small startup firms. Impression Share is measured at the campaign level and tells you how often your ads show relative to the total number of queries available for your keywords.

One you have customers on your site, you need to convert their visits to sales for your advertising to be considered effective. Bounce Rate is a metric that measures the consistency between your advertising portfolio and the main topics and subjects presented on your landing page. Searchers want to see a site that’s relevant. If a viewer visits your home page but leaves before viewing any other page of your site, this is considered a “bounce.” Conversion Rate is the be-all, end-all statistic that summarizes your PPC campaign. This measures how many buyers you have converted from each unique visitor. The higher the rate, the more business you are generating – if you are not converting, you’re not making money! You must make sure that your paid marketing is handled professionally and properly.

The paid marketing campaign is the one way to ensure that you make it to the top in. There are programs to fit every budget. An organic search engine optimization campaign can take time to produce results. The number of search terms a website makes available is relative to the number of the related pages that the website contains. So, there is a limit with Organic Ranking in terms of visibility. With a local PPC campaign, your ads can appear quickly within the sponsored ads of Google for any number of search terms, based on budget and Google’s Quality Score criteria. The limitations of local PPC are based on the cost involved and the time it takes to write effective ads.

We’ve already stated elsewhere that Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) can be a highly effective promotional vehicle, but that it can become expensive if not setup and administered properly. With Icon, we are clear and concise about what your money buys and how PPC works for your company:

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research
Our Pay-Per-Click specialists compile your desired keywords, and then compare them to market research to determine which words and phrases are most effective. Without the first part of this step, the campaign would be totally misguided. That is not our intention; a more successful interaction with the client allows us to concisely target the keywords, ultimately leading to more business while not wasting anybody’s time. Once the phrases and keywords for PPC have been determined, we compare them to the current ad market, allowing us to decipher proper costs, budgets, placements, and plans.

2. Ongoing Keyword Optimization and Conversion Tracking
It is extremely important to know the performance statistics of your PPC campaign because the market is constantly changing – we monitor each keyword and advertisement’s performance on a consistent basis to ensure that the appropriate actions are occurring. If we’re not getting the desired results, there are a multitude of different ways to enhance our successes, but we make sure we know exactly what’s going on with your keywords to make your Pay-Per-Click campaign management a simple and productive task.

3. Monthly Campaign Reports
Ever wondered what we’re doing all month? Now you’ll know! Your campaign will have a series of deliverables such as monthly goals for traffic and CTR – all of which will be presented to you in a clear, concise and honest report, allowing you to monitor our progress. These progress reports will show you how PPC works to advertise your business to the masses.

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