Custom E-commerce Web Pages

E-commerce websites require much more functionality and security than purely informational sites. Icon Website Design offers several options for e-commerce business websites that can open up the world to your products and get you selling online fast.

Option 1: The “Shopping Cart”:
For an e-commerce site with less than 100 products/services/events – a one-time fee for a custom designed section of your website (12 pages) and a “shopping cart” that will handle up to 100 products (including variations) and process the credit card transactions.

  1. We will load the first 50 products for you.
  2. Updates to the products will require that you have some technical skills; or, you can have them done by our technical staff (at $20 per product; minimum of 5 product changes at one time). Thus, you may incur maintenance fees down the road. Also, this approach does not create the unique web addresses that the second option offers, which has great importance.
  3. The site is attractive, but ultimately more complex and more expensive if you have a high volume of products, or are constantly updating your product catalog.

Option 2: The “Magento Site”:

For an e-commerce site with over 100 products/services/events – a slightly more expensive one-time fee covers this entire process. We will install the Magento software package onto your custom built website that we design (12 pages) as part of your redesign.

  1. We will load the first 50 products for you.
  2. With Magento, you can post an unlimited number of products, pictures, and descriptions as well as accept payment in pretty much any fashion; and, maintain it yourself using the easy-to-use Content Manager that is included with Magento so that you won’t need outside technical support once it’s implemented, i.e., us.
  3. Magento is that it will create a separate link for each specific product which will bring searches for that product to your site. Also, it will build the value of your site immensely with the search engines as every entry will count as an indexed page.
  4. Adding additional products is FREE and EASY.

In addition to the options presented above, every website we build will be able to enhance their e-commerce business with these features from Icon:

  • A vivid Home Page that attracts and hold the interest of the viewer (I strongly recommend the use of flash graphics on the Home Page, i.e., 4-5 pictures that rotate or “flash” every 2-3 seconds). Did you know the average viewer will decide in 2-seconds-or-less whether to delve into your website or jump to another site?
  • A naturally organized Menu Bar and flow to allow the viewer to quickly find what they are looking for and to get a quick assessment of what’s available on your site.
  • A vivid design, layout, and color scheme that will enhance your company’s image and make viewing your website pleasurable.
  • Hand coded in HTML with a site map that allows the search engines to easily find and value the content on your site.
  • Connection to the social networks, Facebook and Twitter at no additional cost (recent statistics indicate that 80% of consumers go to Facebook before making a purchase decision).
  • Access to 19,000,000 pictures that you can use for your website at no additional cost. Go to to see all the images that are available to you.

Icon Website Design, LLC has now created over 700 custom websites, optimized over 300 websites, and worked with more than 1,000 clients on internet marketing campaigns while managing over $1 million in online advertising campaigns. Our standout characteristic is that we guarantee results; with money at stake, not just words and links, we take each and every client and their projects very seriously. Our e-commerce websites deliver form, functionality, security and style.

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