Let Icon Develop Online Directories for Your Own Search Engine Needs

Directories have been essential to the organization and delivery of information and websites since the inception of the Internet. The traditional way of creating a search engine or a web directory would normally involve huge amounts of programming, finances and effort. With Icon Website Design, LLC, you don’t need any programming skills or thousands of dollars! Icon Website Design will provide for you and your website a viable search engine & web directory software solution that lets anyone build a powerful, flexible and full featured web search engine and web directory with minimum expense and effort, no matter your level of technical expertise. If you have the most basic skills of being log into an email account online, and if you can edit a calendar on your computer such as Outlook or Google, then you can use your own powerful, feature-packed search portal with ease. The highly intuitive interface is mostly self-explanatory, and it enables you to literally start building your own personalized directory within minutes after installation has completed. It has been created to be a software solution for people with no programming skills; the interface that Icon will allow you to use is simple, affordable and effective.

The flexibility of Icon Website Design also enables you to create any kind of niche or specialized directory such as business directories, Yellow Pages clones, software directories, real estate directories, travel directories, article directories, image galleries, product catalogs, an entire library catalog, or almost any other kind of directory or catalog. Icon Website Design will help you understand the functionality of your own designs, so you can also use the software as a CMS (Content Management System) to build and update large websites. The capabilities of a functional directory program are endless!

With Icon Website Design, you create your own category hierarchy and add/crawl links to the categories via the extensive Admin Control Panel that comes with the software that will be installed onto your personal web page. The software’s function builds an accessible directory – there would be no use in listing hundreds or thousands of pieces of information if other people were not able to access any of it in an orderly fashion!

All links that you create can then be searched with the intelligent search function that will bring you speedy results. Link displays can be controlled with premium links, color coding and sorting options. Content-sensitive advertisements can be displayed in any of the categories you specify. You also have total control over new submissions, modified links and all the management aspects of your Search Engine & Web Directory.

The HTML and text displayed in your web directory or search engine is also fully customizable. The high degree of customization available gives you the ability to have total control over the look and feel of your Search Engine & Directory. You can give it a total original look, exactly the way you want it to look like. The customization options menu also allows you the ability to create your web-based search engine or your directory in almost any language. Build your directories with Icon Website Design and you’ll be able to create an astonishing interactive network of reachable information!

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