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Super Online Marketing in 2017

Faster than your ordinary Organic Ranking marketing. More powerful than AdWords. Able to defeat a boring website design in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Super Icon Website Design!

B2B marketing online has reached new heights in 2016, and it’s only getting better. If you have a business on the internet, you need to utilize the best B2B marketing available with a responsive web design, social media, and other tricks to the trade. If you don’t jump on the boat, your competitors will take advantage of the latest and greatest online marketing, leaving you in the dust.

For starters, does your responsive web design include live video streaming in its B2B marketing? If not, you should jump on the bandwagon. For years, live video has been gaining popularity, resulting in more and more live events being seen on the web. After all, a business can now take advantage of faster internet speeds, as well as smartphones in consumers’ hands.

B2B marketing will also target more and more niche markets in 2017 than ever before. Considering the web has become so crowded with both advertisers and consumers, online business now calls for more specified marketing. Targeted content will become more and more personal. Speak to specific consumers by age, location, and interests.

Content will become shorter. Every day, surfers online must filter through a seemingly endless supply of newsfeeds on social media sites like Facebook. If there is not a strong message and/or memorable photo, consumers’ eyes will pass right over a post without giving it a second glance. That’s why every word, photo and video used in your B2B marketing should count. Do not waste time and space with so-called “filler” information or extra content.

When it comes to online marketing, Icon Website Design offers B2B marketing with a low-cost solution. Our business solution includes high-quality reputation management services on steroids, such as responsive web design, Organic Ranking copywriting and social media. Here’s what makes us different: Our mighty work and our strong work ethic. We blow the competition away.

Remember, if you are not on the first page of Google, your competitors are. That’s why Icon Website Design guarantees at least 30% of your specified keywords to the first page of Google, or we will continue or Organic Ranking services for free. How many other companies can guarantee the same results? Let the super skills provided by the Icon Website Design team take your B2B marketing to a higher level in 2017.










Icon Website Design guarantees at least 30% of your keywords to be on the first page on Google. In the unlikely event that we do not get 30% on the first page of Google, we will continue to work on your keywords for 90 days at no fee.

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Discover Google Penguin

Back in 2012, the world was introduced to Google Penguin, the company’s algorithm designed to fight off unwanted spam by penalizing companies that tried to manipulate the Organic Ranking system. As a result, legitimate businesses, ranging from Miami web designers to West Palm Beach web designers that do not send out spam get to prosper on search engines.

Important factors being considered in search engine rankings include:

  • An author bio link
  • Links in the content
  • Website’s relevancy from link’s page
  • The number of backlinks found on a page
  • How many ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ links are used
  • Anchor text, such as keywords and branded terms
  • Backlinks used on page, including news authority sites
  • Relying on different IP addresses influence Organic Ranking in order to prevent the same person from posting as multiple users

Not taking advantage of these guidelines could have a negative effect on your overall business. Disobeying any rules will lead to penalties that could be extremely harmful and your page ranking. If web designers in Fort Lauderdale do get penalized, it is possible to get out of the hole/ All that is necessary is a reconsideration technique that can now be found with Google Webmaster tools. However, it will take time to see a difference by utilizing high-quality links.

It’s almost 2017, and just about every product and service for sale in South Florida wants the most exposure possible by the king of search engines, Google. Icon Website Design ,the best web designers in Fort Lauderdale, can help with your blog material. Everyone from Miami web designers to West Palm Beach web designers just call us today at (954) 733-8862 or visit for a FREE link audit review to show you the strengths and weaknesses of your current backlinks.

Responsive Design Is Vital to Your Business
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Why Converting to a Responsive Design Is Vital to Your Business

If you want the best West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami marketing services for your business, you need to take advantage of responsive design made for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. After all, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami Organic Ranking-friendly companies now rely on each of these devices to attract and educate multiple consumers. Website designs must now encompass multiple screen sizes. Otherwise, they will look like garbage and the webpages will get dismissed just as quickly.

When designing a site for a desktop or laptop, use horizontal navigation with drop down menus and high-quality content. Not only can you make the page a bit more interactive than on other devices, but you also have plenty of space to use for advertisements. Think of the user relying on a keyboard and mouse to navigate around your site’s pages.

Then there are tablets which are growing in popularity for web traffic. Touchscreens depend on large areas to sense your finger or a stylus pen, and limit sidebars. Rather than simply resizing a computer’s layout, create a new one. Otherwise, the tablet user will miss a large portion of the website’s operative links and aesthetic design.

Mobile phones keep it simple when it comes to user interaction. First, keep the design minimal. Perhaps add your logo, but nothing more that will distract people from the site’s content. It also helps to allow users to explore by categories, rather than typing in search terms. Above all else, keep the number of pages on your site to a minimum, as folks with short attention spans will not wait for any pages to load.

Icon Website Design ,the best for Fort Lauderdale web design, can help with your blog material. We are more than your average Florida Organic Ranking company. Everyone from Miami web designers to West Palm Beach web designers can call us today at (954) 733-8862 or visit for a FREE analysis of your website’s responsiveness.

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Companies Trade Secrets
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Secrets of Effective Fort Lauderdale Web Design

There is a real art to web design. In Fort Lauderdale, web design companies may promise a brilliant web design but often, in the end, the website turns out to be a living nightmare.

Just because a website is interesting to look at, doesn’t mean it’s effective.

Visitors to a website need to be able to find what they want. If they can’t, visitors will leave the site in an instant. Beautiful websites without a strategic plan to bring in traffic and convert visitors to customers are basically an expensive, ineffective, colorful mess!

Most business owners need a web design that looks good, is easy to navigate through, and will help their businesses succeed online. What’s so hard about that? Nothing, really. If you pick the right website design company who employs web developers and web designers that will work with you to get your website where you want it to be.

But before you burn through too much of your money and time trying out different web design companies, there are a few trade secrets that can help you make a wise decision.

Secret #1: Beauty isn’t everything.

Form and function are equally important in website design. Of course, web design needs to be attractive but, if the visual impact is all its got, your business website is going to ultimately fail.
Good looks don’t necessarily equal sales. Smart navigation that leads visitors through the website to the right product and eventually to a targeted call-to-action is the ultimate goal. That’s the objective for most business websites and the job for any website design company in Fort Lauderdale you choose to hire.

In a perfect world, a website will not only be dazzling in visual appeal but effective in getting its website visitors to complete the necessary call-to-action. But, as you work through the nuances of web design, you may find that you have to choose between a beautiful design or results. Always choose to get results. Paying the bills takes precedence over a gorgeous design.

Secret #2: Web design may not be the entire problem.

If you are having problems with your website driving traffic and converting visitors, it may not be a design issue. Remember, web design is just one piece of the puzzle.

• Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing a website for specific keywords is vital to a strong website.
• Content: Take a hard look at the message your website is sending. Is it on point or does it need new Website Design in Fort Lauderdale shouldn't surprise you.fresh content?
• Brand: Your branding may be off the mark and not targeted at the right market.
• Marketing Strategy: Do you have a marketing strategy? Is it rock solid or are there holes in it?
• Product or Service: Could there be an issue with what you are offering?

Web design is important. All Fort Lauderdale businesses need to have a website that is responsive if they want to compete in this marketplace. However, great web design only goes so far. It can help fix some issues but it is not the end-all-be-all to why you may be falling short.

Step back and take a look at the big-picture. You may come to find that there’s nothing wrong with the web design. You may need to think about a whole new marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click investment, and other creative approaches.

Secret #3: Hire web designers that understand branding.

Do you know what branding is? Not everyone does. Branding helps a business create a name, logo or design that identifies them or their product. It should differentiate them from all others. When a business employs an effective brand strategy, it will have a major edge in its competing market.
Many web designers aren’t schooled in developing brand identities. They probably know how to create web designs that reflect a brand identity, but may not have the skills to help you actually develop it and outline a strategy to proper market it.

If a Fort Lauderdale business needs to develop its brand, you need to find a Fort Lauderdale website design company that has web designers with a solid understanding of branding. They should be able to develop a site that reflects your brand identity. The way for you to know if the website design company you are working with knows branding techniques is to ask. Never assume. Otherwise, you may end up attracting the wrong audience.

Secret #4: Psychology plays an important role in web design.

You know this is true! Think about the commercials on television and the ones you like and remember the most. Those likely are the ones that appeal to your psyche. Whether it is funny or sentimental, consumers want to “feel” something when they are engaging with a website. Now, the truth is most web designers you come across won’t have a minor in psychology or even business. So how is a business owner supposed to know if they are hiring web designers that know how to appeal to their audience?

When talking with web design company, find out what they know about consumer behavior, such as:

• What shades and tones will be the most appealing for your audience and why?
• How do they plan on appealing to the people who are coming to your website?
• What type of audience do they think your website should appeal to and why?
• What do they recommend to lead people through your website and why?
• What colors will be most attractive and why?
• What types of web design tools, graphics, or colors are they planning on using to draw people into the website?
• What emotions are they trying to stir in your website visitors?
• Do they have any ideas on what emotion or feeling they should be targeting and why?

Fort Lauderdale web designer can create an effective web design.By asking questions like this, you can find out if they really know what they are doing or are they just creating a bunch of buttons and adding some pretty pictures with no forethought on how that is actually going to get people to engage with your business.

Fort Lauderdale web design companies who are worth their salt will have answers to all these questions and much more. They know the goal is to elicit a particular state of mind in visitors that will positively affect their perception of your business.

How and why people react to different web design elements should be part of the strategy when your Fort Lauderdale web design is built. The persuasive strategies implemented into your site, the better results you are likely to get.

Business owners want a website that captures customers’ interest and brings in sales.

Finding the Right Fort Lauderdale Website Design Company

Website design requires a web developer with technical skills, a graphic designer with a sharp eye, and a marketing director that understands how to fuse all of these elements together to create an appealing and effective website. Don’t forget to take into account search engine optimization. Now you are taking a Fort Lauderdale website design from good to great!

If that’s what you want, talk to Icon Website Design. We will take your lackluster Fort Lauderdale web design and give it the elements it needs to succeed. Give us a call today: 800-558-1017

Fort Lauderdale Website Design Mobile Friendly
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Is Your Fort Lauderdale Website Design Mobile Friendly?

When Google unveiled the update of its search engine algorithms in the year 2015, a new word was gifted to the English dictionary. Yes, its ‘Mobilegeddon’, a name lovingly created by web developers to denote the changes evoked by this update. The main objective of Google’s update is to enable more mobile-friendly viewing of websites across different types of smartphones and tablets. This ensures that web pages load faster and that images and videos are also quicker to load on mobile devices.

This is a reflection of the growing use of smartphones and other mobile devices as the primary mode for browsing and searching the internet. By incorporating these updated algorithms in your website, or that of your client’s, you are ensuring that your website is more responsive to visitors of your website who are searching or browsing on their smartphones. With Google announcing a Mobilegeddon v2 coming soon, it is time to ask yourself if your Fort Lauderdale website design is ready for this latest update.

How Mobile Savvy is Your Company’s Fort Lauderdale Website Design

Although there are countless updates released every year, the reason this update was named ‘Mobilegeddon’ was because it was a major update that caused many websites that were previously performing very well on mobile search rankings to fall perilously low after the update (without it affecting the desktop search engine rankings though).

Fort Lauderdale Website Organic RankingMobilegeddon v2 is being released in May 2016 and is anticipated with both dread and curiosity by web developers the world over. This version is only going to be an extension of last year’s update, with more requirements for websites to be mobile friendly. Google has released a statement stating that though it is important that websites be ready for the update and be strongly mobile friendly, the main criteria for ranking high in search engine results is still great content that is relevant and interesting. So that is one less thing to worry about if you are sure that your website features content that will keep people coming back for more!

However, it is still important to ensure that your mobile search engine rankings are not affected. This is because the competition in the field of online business is getting hotter with time. Also, the primary device that millions of people use for accessing the internet all over the world is their smartphone or tablet or any other mobile device. So even if your website is optimized for desktop searches, it is still smart to get it optimized for mobile searches too as this is where your target audience will be looking for the product or service that you have to offer. This is where you will be able to connect with them more strongly. The mobile platform is where loyalties are created and maintained. So if you want to be one step ahead of your competition and stand out from the crowd, you had better ensure that your website is ready for Mobilegeddon v2. If you have already done what is necessary after Mobilegeddon 2015, then you can rest assured that you will be ready for Mobilegeddon 2016!

How to Know If Your Fort Lauderdale Website Design Passes the Test?

Here are a few handy pointers:

  • Google adds the label ‘mobile friendly’ under the URL of websites in mobile sFort Lauderdale Mobile Friendly Text Exampleearch results. So the easiest thing to do to ensure that your website is indeed ready for Mobilegeddon 2016 is to search for this label. When using a mobile device, check if you can see the label under the URL. You can also use mobile-friendly testing tools which are available online to help you do this or talk to a reputable web design company in Fort Lauderdale, like Icon Website Design.
  • You have text that is readable without having to zoom in to get a clear reading.
  • Links are placed at enough of a distance from each other so that there is no mix-up when tapping a particular link.
  • You are not using a software like Adobe Flash.
  • Content is sized to the screen so that there is no need to scroll in a horizontal angle or zoom in order to read the text.
  • Review Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines and ensure that your website design checks with a majority of the outlined requirements.
  • Use third-party tools to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. There are a lot of plugins, extensions, and components that work with third-party elements such as social media tools or shopping tools, etc.

If all factors are covered on your website design, you can be sure that Google will index it as mobile friendly. If it isn’t, then you need to have it done in-house or contact a Fort Lauderdale web design group. Icon Website Design can make it mobile friendly for you. Once you get it updated, within 72 hours the website design will register as mobile friendly and be indexed by Google as such.

Don’t Assume Your Desktop Rankings Will Transfer to Mobile Searches

Website Design in Fort Lauderdale mobile phone computerPlease remember that this will only be applicable for your mobile search results and will not affect search results from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Smartphone users are the only ones who are the target audience of this mobile-friendly strategy by Google. This means that even if your search engine results are at the top of the list in desktop searches, you can still be down in the listings if your site is not mobile-friendly. So it is always better to not take things for granted and just assume that your site is good to go.

The smartphone user has been shown to be more active and more likely to buy things online than users on desktops and other devices. Therefore, it is the wise business owners who want their companies to get the best results in search engine rankings that need to ensure their website design does well in Fort Lauderdale, drives traffic to their site, and makes them happy!

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Why Your Fort Lauderdale Business Needs a Custom Website

Why Your Fort Lauderdale Business Needs a Custom Website

A custom website that brings in website traffic to Fort Lauderdale businesses is critical for any company to be competitive in the local market of Fort Lauderdale as well as regionally or nationally.

There is a tremendous difference between a quick build website and a custom website. If you want your website to drive in Internet traffic and bring in customers, then there are a few questions you need to ask yourself about your overall website business goal.

Questions to Ask Before Designing a Custom Website

Before you begin requesting quotes from a custom website design companies in Fort Lauderdale, there are some basic questions that you need to ask yourself or your organization.

  • What purpose will your website serve?
  • What are some of the essential functions that will need to be performed?
  • Will your website be selling services and products or simply an informational resource?
  • Are you aware of who your target audience is?

This last question is very important when designing a website. Your target audience, whether it is just Fort Lauderdale or expands to South Florida or even regionally, nationally or globally, will be very influential to your professional website design in more ways than one. This valuable piece of information will determine the user interface of your web design, the functions of the website, and so much more.

These four questions will jumpstart your thought process and help you focus on what you want and truly need in a custom website for the Fort Lauderdale business segment and beyond.

What to Know About Working with Custom Website Professionals

The professional custom website designers you choose should work hand in hand with you to help formulate your ideas and expectations into a viable product. If you have thought through the questions noted above, then you will have clearly established general business goals for your custom website.

  • Concepts and Designs: Providing the Fort Lauderdale website design company with concepts and designs that you would like to use or favor will help designers understand your brand and objectives, and point website developers in the right direction.
  • Time Frame and Budget: Your time frame and allocated expenses for your specific professional website design requirements should be openly shared with your custom website

By considering these questions and determining factors before you contact professional website designers for estimates will help you to put together an organized plan and intent so you can move forward as quickly as possible. This will help to ensure that your website is designed to your liking and actually serves its purpose.

Talk to the Professionals at Icon Website Design

Need a new business website with creative design that actually delivers traffic to your website? Then talk to the professional custom website designers at Icon Website Design. We can design a website for you that meets your expectations in function and style, plus works with Organic Ranking to bring in your targeted audience.

Let’s talk. Give us a call today: 1-800-558-1017

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Get Relevant Website Traffic with PPC and Organic Ranking

How do you drive relevant website traffic to your business website? Try a PPC campaign and Organic Ranking tools.

Search engines are the primary method used by a majority of people looking to find information in Fort Lauderdale about a product or service. Picking up phone books and business directories to find businesses and services are viewed as archaic methods of finding information. The Internet is faster, easier to use, and provides more information which is why most people turn to it first before trying any other resource.

Online Presence Brings in Website Traffic

More and more consumers are turning toward online Internet shopping than ever before. People in need spend most of their time researching everything online from clothes and restaurants to home repairs and personal services. Even if they aren’t ready to buy, consumers love to window shop on the Internet by just browsing for new items and information.

Companies in Fort Lauderdale are beginning to realize the importance of their online presence. Many of these businesses are getting a large number of referrals from online visitors who happen to come across their business website in their online search. Having a custom design website optimized to reach your target audience is key to increasing your business and getting a large number of clients to your website.

Importance of Organic Search Results

One of the most important positions for any business is for them to land in the top three positions of Google organic listings. If you don’t know, 92% of online searchers never look beyond the first page, and fewer than 10% ever even venture to look at the lower listings on the first page.

Research shows that the top 3 results listed in Google’s organic search are responsible for nearly 80% of the clicks generated from people conducting online searches. If you are interested in increasing traffic to your website then you need to know that these results are dependent on your business website appearing in the first 3 positions in Google’s organic listings when online searches are conducted.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Drive Relevant Website Traffic

Driving in relevant website traffic to your business website can be made even better with a PPC Campaign (Pay per Click). Pay-per-click allows businesses in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your website, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. PPC is one of the most popular types of search engine advertising because it gets results. PPC will increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website, which is why having a PPC campaign is one of the most popular for business websites in Fort Lauderdale.

Costs for ads run in Pay per Click campaigns need to be in the budget for any business considering an Internet marketing strategy. If you are opting out of the Pay per Click campaign, remember that clicks will account for 25% of the Internet business and you are passing it up while your competitors may be glad to take in that margin.

PPC and Organic Ranking Strategies in Driving Website Traffic

Generating leads to your website means that those that are directed via your PPC campaigns and Organic Ranking strategies can easily turn into a viable business. Having traffic directed to your website is one aspect, but having them transformed into emails, calls and sales of your products are another. Our experiences have allowed us to not only generate the right traffic but to convert those leads into prospective customers.

The end result of any Internet marketing campaign is an increase in the number of sales your Fort Lauderdale business gets. The more traffic your website gets, the higher the likelihood of getting qualified leads, and the more likely your sales will increase.

One of the most important positions for any business is for them to land in the top three positions of Google organic listings. If you don’t know, 92% of online searchers never look beyond the first page, and fewer than 10% ever even venture to look at the lower listings on the first page.

Research shows that the top 3 results listed in Google’s organic search are responsible for nearly 80% of the clicks generated from people conducting online searches. If you are interested in increasing traffic to your website then you need to know that these results are dependent on your business website appearing in the first 3 positions in Google’s organic listings when online searches are conducted.

Talk to a PPC Expert

Interested in learning more about the options available in Pay per Click campaigns for your business? Talk to one of the PPC experts at Icon Website Design. We can answer all your questions and help you in determining how to grow your online business presence.

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Organic Ranking

Link Building Benefits for Fort Lauderdale Business Websites

There are many benefits of having a professional Organic Ranking company in Fort Lauderdale working on the backend of your website if you want to build an audience and have your business website ranked high in search results.

Organic Ranking services can range from keyword search to link building. Having Icon Website Design in your corner means you are working with a team of experts who know every aspect of Organic Ranking services. Since it is an ever-evolving industry, we continue to study and research the business of Organic Ranking because that’s what we love to do!

Importance of Link Building in Organic Ranking Services

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings, then you will need to understand how important link building is to your website. Popular search engines analyze both the number and the quality of the links that a site has, both going to and coming from other sites.

Links also increase credibility. In other words, those links that lead to other sites are ways that they can vouch for both the reliability and authority of your website and vice versa.

At Icon Website Design, we will get the best links for your Fort Lauderdale business so that your website will be noticed, verifiable, and rank with authority.

Building a network of credible websites that support links is a tool of the trade and not all Organic Ranking proponents understand the type of thorough investigation required for each viable link. In ordered to be seen as the best, you have to create a network that links you to the best. Our trained team members are experienced in the nuances of finding suitable links for your Fort Lauderdale business website and will ensure that each link is credible, long-lasting, and will contribute to better rankings for your website.

More on Link Building and Organic Ranking Services

Learn more about link building and other Organic Ranking services for your Fort Lauderdale business by calling Icon Website Design today!

An Organic Ranking professional can be reached at 1-800-558-1017.

Responsive Websites in Fort Lauderdale
Organic Ranking

Why Fort Lauderdale Businesses Need Responsive Websites

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale without responsive websites are losing customers along with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every week.

Consumers are turning to their mobile devices more and more, leaving behind their computer desktops for only the times they are at work. Even then, many people will pick up their phone if they are searching for something personal, such as a place to eat at lunch in Fort Lauderdale, a plumber to fix their sink, or where to get the latest tickets, shoes, clothes, games, getaways, and anything else.

More often than not, individuals are reaching for those smaller screened items to look up what they need at the moment and if your Fort Lauderdale business website isn’t able to adjust to a mobile screen, you won’t even show up in search engine results.

Google Ranks Responsive Websites, Penalizes Non-Responsive Ones

Google is always keeping up with demands made by consumers. This is why back in 2015, the search engine giant chose to begin penalizing websites that did not have mobile website design capabilities, better known as responsive web design.

Mobile friendliness is now a feature search engine like Google look for when ranking websites, including those in Fort Lauderdale. Google, in particular, increases rankings for Fort Lauderdale businesses that offer mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile compatibility and mobile app connectivity are critical to search results if you happen to be a Fort Lauderdale business that cherishes higher rankings and wants to stay competitive.

Mobile Devices and Responsive Websites

Smartphones and tablets are the most popular mobile devices in Fort Lauderdale used to search the web. It is these portable wireless computing devices that search engines are considering when it is looking to rank sites. Search engines will place mobile website designs ahead of a non-responsive website.

It really doesn’t matter what business industry you’re in, the kind of reputation you have, or how long you’ve been in business. None of these things matter when it comes to search engine rankings.

Search engines are aimed at giving consumers the best experience they can when searching online. If your website won’t do it, then it will rank your competitor’s mobile website design ahead of you. Non-responsive websites will be lucky if they show up in the first 20 pages of search results. But who is going to click through that many pages?

If your business does not have a mobile website design so it is unable to format itself to the size of whatever device is accessing it, then you are losing business – guaranteed.

Businesses which haven’t optimized their website with the latest coding and design will be left behind. Reach a mobile audience will be left behind.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design crafts websites so that they provide optimal viewing and an easy interaction experience for anyone who visits the site on a mobile device.

Features of responsive web design include making the site easy to read and navigate through with a minimum amount of scrolling, panning, and resizing. A responsive web design will do this when accessed by mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

If you’re not sure if your Fort Lauderdale business website was created with responsive web design, test it. Access from a desktop computer and your smartphone or tablet. Even if it seems to have a responsive web design, you should evaluate how well it was done. Put yourself in a customer’s place to determine if your website offers them the experience you want them to have.

If it doesn’t, then you need to talk to professional website developers. At Icon Website Design, we not only will design your website so that it is responsive, we will work alongside you to ensure it is branded with your company’s own personal style.

Call us today and talk to a mobile website design professional who can answer any of your questions about responsive websites and mobile website design.  We can be reached toll-free at 800-558-1017.

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