Online Catalogs Help Your Customers Make Informed Purchases

Catalogs are an amazingly effective sales tool. Having an online catalog refers to, in terms of content management, using an online product catalog to organize, display, and ultimately to sell your products. Icon Website Design, LLC can build a custom catalog for your website. Our product catalogs come with an innumerable amount of benefits regarding the clarity, efficiency, and ease-of-use of your website for your viewers and/or customers. This is not merely a shopping cart or an e-commerce site with a fancy name – catalogs refer to highly functional databases of your products that, while maintaining a user-friendly functionality on the back-end that allows any owner of the website to adjust, update, add, remove or edit products without any advanced technical knowledge. If your product catalog was static, it wouldn’t attract attention or return customers, and if you had to pay a technician every time you wanted to update your website’s products, this would not be cost effective either. Icon Website Design provides the perfect solution for your web page’s needs: a balance between an attractive display and ease of functionality.

Here are some of the benefits of having our team at Icon Website Design, LLC develop your online catalog:

  • Ability to create online shopping catalog storefront, complete with categorized product pages, product search feature, shopping cart, shopping cart viewer, visitor registration, online order entry, online payment entry, real time online credit card approval, automated e-mailed copy of order, and more.
  • Provides the visitor with a feature rich shopping experience that includes the ability to search for products using keywords; browse products by categories.
  • Shopping features are fully integrated with the back office features such as Inventory Control, Order Fulfillment, and Payment Processing.
  • Stores the details for each Product or Service that your organization offers as an Item record in an Items table for easy administration update.
  • Select from a variety of data elements for describing products and services; including narrative description, pictures, brochures, classifications, and keyword categorization.
  • Highly customizable product view pages including placement, color schemes and image management.
  • Products & Services are automatically formatted into sleek Product Catalog without user intervention required. An Advanced Product Catalog feature can be enabled to provide full control over your Product Catalog including many advanced features.
  • Classify products by gender, name, accessories, product codes, manufacturer, vendor, brand, quantity, color, models, sizes, etc.
  • Manages purchasing and reorder information.

When you reach the stage where you have secured a merchant account (or we have set yours up already), the online catalog can integrate innovate pay systems such as the most popular of them all: PayPal. The ability for clients to browse your products and actually make an on-site purchase is invaluable – think of how many times you’ve seen something that you want to buy immediately, but due to a lack of functionality of the website, your money stayed unspent! Of course, if you won’t want to represent a shop-easy setting such as SkyMall, we will build your product catalog and its shopping functionality separately, or leave the shopping off of your site altogether! The point is that, at Icon Website Design, LLC, your catalogs will be exactly as you’d like it!

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