Manage Appointments and Events with Online Calendars

Many websites feature calendars as an essential tool for their regular visitors. Interactive calendars on websites are very useful, in particularly for websites with a large group of regular visitors, such as a sports club, an education institution, or an online directory which require a calendar of events for listing of shows, movies, ticket sales for community luncheon, venue, conference and exhibitions, etc.

Here at Icon Website Design, LLC, we have in-house our experienced HTML programmer, and therefore we can help you can create an online calendar of events page manually. However an interactive and regularly updated online calendar on your website could always be helpful and save you lots of work.

A website event calendar can be done in various ways. Icon Website Design, LLC will usually install event calendar script developed using PHP, or PERL programming language. The advantage of these script based calendar is that they are usually open source code which can be modified by experienced web programmers for seamless integration with an existing website. And once installed, website administrator can update calendar information thru a control panel.

As you are using your new calendar, you might (for example) have a special gathering on the first Monday of every month. If you setup your event page manually, you would need to manually go through a calendar and mark down each date for the next few months, which is very time consuming and tedious task. On the other hand, most website calendar system would allow you to simply entering a rule to define a repeated event. You simply need to define a repeat event once, and have it automatically displayed correctly on your website calendar for all future months.

Your web site visitors can scroll through the calendar to see events in the coming months or even years, and if additional information is entered, they can click on a date to see the full details. If you have visitors check your website often for new events, functions, parties, conference, meetings, etc., then adding an online calendar to your website will certainly give a very useful tool to all your visitors.

However, PHP or Perl script programming is not for everyone. Most business website owners are not programmers, and the cost would become too high to hire a web programmer just to install a website calendar. This is why the flash-based calendar that Icon Website Design offers has become more and more popular in recent years. A flash calendar often provides a high-tech look and feel, with smooth graphics and animations. And inserting a flash calendar to a website is much easier than modifying a script based calendar. User can easily add, edit or remove calendar entries without any programming — as flash calendar usually comes with a XML file for user to update calendar data by using a simple text editor without any scripting.

There is also software for the creation of flash calendars that Icon can install for you on your website. This is the option that our clients usually prefer to have if they have a business where the constant recreation or creation of new calendars is required. With the software installation that we offer, users can easily define events, select calendars design skin, set color theme, calendar title and headers, and then generate the HTML code automatically for copy and paste to your web pages. There is no extra technical proficiency needed to use this software except for the installation itself – let Icon Website Design set you up with the best interactive web calendars in the business!

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