Why Your Website Doesn’t Work
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Why Your Website Doesn’t Work

In order to get the most out of your business in 2017, you must possess a strong internet marketing campaign. That is how shoppers in your targeted locations can find you, learn all about your product or service and eventually conduct business. Yet, if you do not know what you are doing with your digital advertising campaign, you could be tossing thousands of dollars right down the drain. That’s why Icon Website Design is here to educate you on the biggest mistakes a business can make with its online marketing. Hopefully, you can side-step each of them and experience massive success with your digital advertising.

For starters, make sure your contact information stands out and is easily found at the top and the bottom of every page on your site. There can be nothing more frustrating for a shopper than looking for a phone number or e-mail address with no success. Most folks do not want to fill out a form with their contact information. It’s enough to send a potential buyer to a competitor’s site.

A direct call to action is a must in digital marketing. Online shoppers do not care to read too much about your company history or employees’ lives. What do you offer that is better than your competitors? How much does it cost, and how do you purchase it? Be direct and to the point, as internet shoppers have short attention spans. Nobody wants to research your site for general information.

Speaking of information, do not bore readers with too much. Write short and high-quality content. Do not depend on an article spinner or hire writers from overseas. Also, remember that folks don’t want to see more than 500 words on your homepage, regardless of how many keywords you’re trying to squeeze in there.

It is essential to keep repeat and potential consumers coming back to your website with updated blogs and social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Earn readers’ trust by telling education stories. Remember to throw another call to action at the end so your followers know where to get the product or service they need. If you are not utilizing these outlets, get rid of them. A lack of attention looks unprofessional.

When you want a professional website to attract the public eye, as well as search engines with smart digital marketing, Icon Website Design will take care of business. Call us today at 800.558.1017.

Get the Mo$t with Your Online Business Success
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Get the Mo$t with Your Online Business Success

Running a successful internet business is surely possible these days. Of course, making an actual profit from your online business is easier said than done. As long as you utilize the right outlets on the web, you should be fine. Discover some of the most essential methods of making a profit for your online business.

For starters, add a blog where you can earn a following of targeted readers. Just don’t try to sell them your product or service too soon or too often. You must gain their loyal readership first. Then when they want to purchase the product or service, you will be a click away. That click can take online buyers from your blog to your e-commerce marketplace. This puts a monetary value on your well-written content.

There is no question that social media is enormous in today’s internet marketing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have allowed businesses to reach new heights, as they instantly connect to millions of potential buyers. You can even purchase pay per click ads on these social media outlets, setting your budget and audience.

Your business blog can always offer Direct Advertising. All you have to do is place an “Advertise Now” tab on your blog. Offer a special deal to get readers to learn more and eventually purchase advertising on your page. Just like with pay per click, you can create your own prices for selling space on your business webpage. Rely on slick journalism to sell readers on the benefits of your blog and why you stand above your competition.

Jump on the train and take advantage of the internet. Stay updated on the latest trends, rules, and regulations. As long as you have a properly run online marketing campaign, you can make a bundle by selling your product or service to the whole world. Call Icon Website Design today to earn an online presence for your business.

Writing Tips to Market Your Business
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Writing Tips to Market Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business online with well-written blogs, email blasts, and social media, you better know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will be wasting your valuable time and money. Not only do you have to deliver a favorable product or service, but you have to keep the general public informed of your business. The last thing you want to do is annoy them with too many posts, emails and messages, or you will quickly get spammed.

To start, put yourself in your potential and repeat customers’ shoes. Would you like to receive a text message discussing this week’s sale every single day? Probably not. You also need to do a little research on content marketing. What is your target audience reading and chatting about online? Are they excited about a new product you will soon have in stock? If so, make sure to attract buyers, as well as search engines, by discussing it in your content in creative writing. How will you offer the product in a more attractive way than your competition?

When it comes to your internet content writing, be quick and precise. Think of blogs, email blasts, and social media as fast food for the masses. Consumers want their information delivered swiftly and easy, without clicking through or reading too much content. However, a business still needs quality content that gets right to the point. If you have any words thrown in that add no value to your message, get rid of them. The internet is no place for fluff. Depend on creative writing when writing shorter content that gets right to the point.

In your content writing, educate your targeted customers before you try to sell them your unique product or service. Earn trust, along with a strong readership. Then when they need to go shopping, your business will be a click away.

When you are ready to get the best content marketing on the web, get in touch with Icon Website Design at (800) 558-1017. Our writing is nothing short of divine.

How to Get Your Business Website to Covert
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How to Get Your Business Website to Covert

Your business may have a gorgeous website with all the colors, photos, and videos that consumers love. But it is useless if you do not have a positive conversation rate. In other words, your site must lead people to act, as in buying your product, downloading your menu, or signing up for your email blasts.

Your conversation rate is a mathematical marketing process known as optimization. You should begin by targeting your audience. Are you searching for senior citizens in Boca Raton or preteens throughout Broward County? You can rely on Google Analytics to break down the most recent and relevant searches that your specific audience is searching. Google Analytics will tell you what specific terms are worth your time to post on your website.

It is always a good idea to create campaigns and give them a shot on Google Analytics. That way, you can test the waters to figure out what specific terms are worth your time and money. Should your keywords concentrate on Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, or South Florida? Data driven decisions almost always assist a website’s conversion rate.

Do not rely on one term in your Google AdWords campaign. Depend on a few different phrases at the same time. Doing so is the most productive in earning clicks, keeps targeted shoppers on your site, and lowers your bounce rate. At the end of the day, your conversation rate increases, which puts more money in your pocket.

Other factors for a business website to think about include Organic Ranking-friendly content, page design, photos, and videos to attract and engage potential customers. Make sure there are links to your updates social media pages as well.

When you are ready to get the best optimization for your business website’s conversation rate, get in touch with Icon Website Design at (800) 558-1017. It feels good to be at the top.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing in 2017
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Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing in 2017

Like it or not, social media is here to stay as a driving force in today’s business world. It’s only smart to reach thousands of potential clients on popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is ideal for both big and small businesses that want to network with buyers, as well as investors.

Take advantage of social media by targeting particular audiences on a massive scale. At the same time, readers can instantly connect with your company’s web pages. Discover some of the most reliable techniques to digital marketing your business on social media in 2017.

By opening a business page on social media, you are allowing men, women, and children to see a human side behind your service or product. Doing so makes it easier to earn customers’ trust. Just don’t neglect your pages, or you will turn away loyal clients and potential buyers. You need a daily presence on your social media profile.

If a person sends a message to a shoe store through one of its social media pages, a personal response is expected within 12 hours. Otherwise, the potential buyer will feel neglected and simply deal with one of your competitors.

Social media sites are also an ideal platform for online marketing your business. If you are having a sale next week on stereo equipment, you can post 300 words on the benefits of surround sound speakers on one of your daily postings. The next day, you can post another write-up advising readers of the best audio receivers for their living rooms. Another trick to join large groups or communities that each have thousands of targeted followers.

When you are ready to get the more Likes, Followers and higher Click-Through Rates with the best social media marketing available in today’s business world, get in touch with Icon Website Design at (800) 558-1017.

Online Reputation Management in 2017
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Online Reputation Management in 2017

In 2017, a business’s online reputation is crucial. Google’s search engine is the primary method that customers rely on to find and research your company. Obviously, you want a positive reputation on the internet.

It is possible to have an impact on Google’s search results with skilled online reputation management. It takes well-written and search engine optimized (Organic Ranking) content to climb on Google’s search results and bump back any negative feedback from the eyes of your targeted audience.

For starters, you should create a presence on social media sites, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Then target your audience of followers by niches, such as ‘Health professionals in Palm Beach’ or ‘Steak restaurants in Boca Raton.’ The more you share, the more visibility you will gain. Just don’t overdo it, or you will likely get blocked from noteworthy groups. Interact with potential and return customers and gain their trust.

Take advantage of blogging to assist your online reputation management. Keep readers in the loop of whatever is going on in your business world. Use of Organic Ranking keywords, as well as the hottest topics on search engines, like the Super Bowl or Donald Trump. At the same time, you can directly respond to any comments, pro or con, that a person posts about your company.

When replying to a comment on your blog, as well as on social media, be respectful. This is much better than telling an irritated customer off or giving him or her a textbook response. Try to accommodate a buyer without breaking the bank or making an enemy. If your business screws up an order, accept responsibly, apologize with authenticity, and remedy the situation. The last thing you want to do is get in the middle of an argument on a blog or social media, no matter how out-of-line a customer may become.

Remember how easy it is for an unhappy customer to click on the next business that appears on your search engine. When you want the best online reputation management for your targeted business, contact Icon Website Design today to handle your digital marketing needs.

Content Marketing Is King
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Content is King

Your website may have the latest and greatest design, artwork and photos, but it’s not going to attract readers and search engines successfully without well-written content. These days, search engine giants, like Google, have robots made to instantly search the web to index content and flag plagiarized reporting. Like it or not, your site will not rank without original keyword-heavy content that uses quality journalism.

You cannot rely on an article spinner, nor can you trust some Chinese company to instantly rewrite your words. You will get caught and you will get spammed, costing your company too much business. Besides, it’s always more refreshing for a person to read fresh and creative content.

Rely on quality links within your website’s content. Use internal links for visitors to quickly find the Contact Us page on your site. At the same time, depend on external links to top-notch websites with high PageRankings, like Wikipedia and CNN, to earn credibility among readers and search engines.

It is always smart to know your audience. Are you speaking to teenagers looking to buy sunglasses or middle-aged professionals searching the real estate market? This will help determine your overall tone for targeted marketing. Figure out what is important to your buyers and find specific questions they are asking. Doing so will allow you to supply answers with engaging and keyword-heavy content.

Take advantage of popular social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share your intriguing content. These sites allow you a platform to quickly connect with readers and potential buyers from all around the world. You can use their free benefits, as well as promote your posts and advertisements.

When you are ready to get the best content on the web, get in touch with Icon Website Design at (800) 558-1017. Our writing is nothing short of divine.

Social Media
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Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Social Media?

Like it or not, social media isn’t going anywhere. It’s more than a fad. If your business is not taking advantage of all the marketing opportunities on popular sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, you are missing out on an enormous chunk of potential customers.

As social media websites evolve, so does the advertising industry. It is up to you and your team to stay on top of the latest and greatest marketing techniques. For instance, is your online content mobile friendly? At the same time, what worked for search optimization a few years ago, can now hurt a business, even on their daily social media posts.

Despite President Donald Trump’s constant updates, people are getting sick of Twitter and its constant flow of messages. Men and women prefer detailed posts with well-written content. Maybe if users were only allowed to post once or twice a day, it would give their messages much more impact on readers.

Communication is becoming more and more professional, as well as diverse. Companies’ posts provide inspiration and knowledge to consumers without being pushy. A good content writer on social media influences a shopper’s emotions. In the long run, the writer will gain customers’ trust and inspire them to make the right purchases.

Snapchat is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. Visitors enjoy the live content and videos that are quickly uploaded from individuals’ smartphones. Despite the growing popularity of Snapchat and Instagram, sites like Twitter and Facebook aren’t going to become irrelevant, the way Myspace has in the business world.

Regardless which social media outlet you choose, take advantage of Icon Website Design’s expertise to reach the general public, as well as keep them informed of your business with a spectacular social media expertise. Call Icon Website Design today at 800.558.1017. You will not be disappointed.

Traffic Is Nice, But You Want $ales
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Traffic Is Nice, But You Want $ales

It is one thing to attract consumers to your company website. However, getting them to buy your product or service is a whole different ballgame altogether. I mean, you need to generate income and make a profit, right?

Studies show that roughly 90% of visitors to business websites never convert into sales. You need to appeal to a buyer’s wants and needs. What can you offer him or her right away that no other company can? Why will purchasing your product or service be an enormous benefit to the buyer?

The first thing you need to do in order to convert casual surfers of the web into online buyers is to fill up your page with quality content to keep potential buyers on your site. Using the right keywords without overdoing it, well-written content will educate potential buyers on everything your product or service can add to their lives. While contact info and company awards are always intriguing for a corporate site, focus your pages on what it is that’s being sold. What you have to offer is certainly more important to a shopper than your business history.

Attract readers’ attention with a catchy title. This is crucial, as your headings are the first words read on your page. They inform visitors what they will be learning about. If the headlines are not interesting, your bounce rate will fly high.

These days, it is also essential to format your content for various outlets, including computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Utilize social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, to educate readers and earn a following. Over time, those trusting followers will rely on your business when they need a product or service you supply.

When you want spectacular web content to attract consumers, as well as search engines, depend on the best, Icon Website Design. Call us today at 800.558.1017.

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