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Why Your Fort Lauderdale Business Needs a Custom Website

Why Your Fort Lauderdale Business Needs a Custom Website

A custom website that brings in website traffic to Fort Lauderdale businesses is critical for any company to be competitive in the local market of Fort Lauderdale as well as regionally or nationally.

There is a tremendous difference between a quick build website and a custom website. If you want your website to drive in Internet traffic and bring in customers, then there are a few questions you need to ask yourself about your overall website business goal.

Questions to Ask Before Designing a Custom Website

Before you begin requesting quotes from a custom website design companies in Fort Lauderdale, there are some basic questions that you need to ask yourself or your organization.

  • What purpose will your website serve?
  • What are some of the essential functions that will need to be performed?
  • Will your website be selling services and products or simply an informational resource?
  • Are you aware of who your target audience is?

This last question is very important when designing a website. Your target audience, whether it is just Fort Lauderdale or expands to South Florida or even regionally, nationally or globally, will be very influential to your professional website design in more ways than one. This valuable piece of information will determine the user interface of your web design, the functions of the website, and so much more.

These four questions will jumpstart your thought process and help you focus on what you want and truly need in a custom website for the Fort Lauderdale business segment and beyond.

What to Know About Working with Custom Website Professionals

The professional custom website designers you choose should work hand in hand with you to help formulate your ideas and expectations into a viable product. If you have thought through the questions noted above, then you will have clearly established general business goals for your custom website.

  • Concepts and Designs: Providing the Fort Lauderdale website design company with concepts and designs that you would like to use or favor will help designers understand your brand and objectives, and point website developers in the right direction.
  • Time Frame and Budget: Your time frame and allocated expenses for your specific professional website design requirements should be openly shared with your custom website

By considering these questions and determining factors before you contact professional website designers for estimates will help you to put together an organized plan and intent so you can move forward as quickly as possible. This will help to ensure that your website is designed to your liking and actually serves its purpose.

Talk to the Professionals at Icon Website Design

Need a new business website with creative design that actually delivers traffic to your website? Then talk to the professional custom website designers at Icon Website Design. We can design a website for you that meets your expectations in function and style, plus works with Organic Ranking to bring in your targeted audience.

Let’s talk. Give us a call today: 1-800-558-1017

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Get Relevant Website Traffic with PPC and Organic Ranking

How do you drive relevant website traffic to your business website? Try a PPC campaign and Organic Ranking tools.

Search engines are the primary method used by a majority of people looking to find information in Fort Lauderdale about a product or service. Picking up phone books and business directories to find businesses and services are viewed as archaic methods of finding information. The Internet is faster, easier to use, and provides more information which is why most people turn to it first before trying any other resource.

Online Presence Brings in Website Traffic

More and more consumers are turning toward online Internet shopping than ever before. People in need spend most of their time researching everything online from clothes and restaurants to home repairs and personal services. Even if they aren’t ready to buy, consumers love to window shop on the Internet by just browsing for new items and information.

Companies in Fort Lauderdale are beginning to realize the importance of their online presence. Many of these businesses are getting a large number of referrals from online visitors who happen to come across their business website in their online search. Having a custom design website optimized to reach your target audience is key to increasing your business and getting a large number of clients to your website.

Importance of Organic Search Results

One of the most important positions for any business is for them to land in the top three positions of Google organic listings. If you don’t know, 92% of online searchers never look beyond the first page, and fewer than 10% ever even venture to look at the lower listings on the first page.

Research shows that the top 3 results listed in Google’s organic search are responsible for nearly 80% of the clicks generated from people conducting online searches. If you are interested in increasing traffic to your website then you need to know that these results are dependent on your business website appearing in the first 3 positions in Google’s organic listings when online searches are conducted.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Drive Relevant Website Traffic

Driving in relevant website traffic to your business website can be made even better with a PPC Campaign (Pay per Click). Pay-per-click allows businesses in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your website, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. PPC is one of the most popular types of search engine advertising because it gets results. PPC will increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website, which is why having a PPC campaign is one of the most popular for business websites in Fort Lauderdale.

Costs for ads run in Pay per Click campaigns need to be in the budget for any business considering an Internet marketing strategy. If you are opting out of the Pay per Click campaign, remember that clicks will account for 25% of the Internet business and you are passing it up while your competitors may be glad to take in that margin.

PPC and Organic Ranking Strategies in Driving Website Traffic

Generating leads to your website means that those that are directed via your PPC campaigns and Organic Ranking strategies can easily turn into a viable business. Having traffic directed to your website is one aspect, but having them transformed into emails, calls and sales of your products are another. Our experiences have allowed us to not only generate the right traffic but to convert those leads into prospective customers.

The end result of any Internet marketing campaign is an increase in the number of sales your Fort Lauderdale business gets. The more traffic your website gets, the higher the likelihood of getting qualified leads, and the more likely your sales will increase.

One of the most important positions for any business is for them to land in the top three positions of Google organic listings. If you don’t know, 92% of online searchers never look beyond the first page, and fewer than 10% ever even venture to look at the lower listings on the first page.

Research shows that the top 3 results listed in Google’s organic search are responsible for nearly 80% of the clicks generated from people conducting online searches. If you are interested in increasing traffic to your website then you need to know that these results are dependent on your business website appearing in the first 3 positions in Google’s organic listings when online searches are conducted.

Talk to a PPC Expert

Interested in learning more about the options available in Pay per Click campaigns for your business? Talk to one of the PPC experts at Icon Website Design. We can answer all your questions and help you in determining how to grow your online business presence.

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Getting Started

Obtaining Proposals for a Custom Website Design in Fort Lauderdale

Obtaining proposals from various companies in Fort Lauderdale for a custom website design before you choose one will help you get a better idea of the costs, time frame, and design elements you should expect in your finished website.

How to Get Started

So you don’t waste your time repeating information to various custom website design companies, one of the efficient things you can do as a Fort Lauderdale business owner is to create an outline of what you want. Your business website is the best marketing tool you have, so spend some time thinking about the business brand you want to build, how you want it to be presented to the online audience including the visual and content, as well as the call-to-action you want visitors to take once they’ve landed on your website. This process will really get you thinking about your custom website design and get those ideas to coming to life while educating you a bit on the entire process.

Custom Website Design in Fort Lauderdale

Once you have outlined your needs, expectations, and budget, request a free, no obligation quote. At Icon Website Design, one of our expert custom website designers can explain in detail the process of developing a web presence which goes far beyond just the exterior look of a website.

Getting the Right Website Design Inside and Out

The image your Fort Lauderdale business projects is extremely important to you and to us. Having a professional look and feel online is the first step you need in bringing more clients to your business and more to ours. Just like with your business, our business is based past performance. Our current clients are our best testimonies, and we’d like to keep it that way.

By allowing us to create a professional website design that ensures you get noticed in search engine results means work needs to be done on your web pages for everyone to see and some for only the search engines. Behind the pages of your website is where much of the work is done, and when it is done well it can increase your exposure exponentially on the local, regional, and national level.

What Icon Website Design Can Do for You

At Icon Website Design, we build custom websites but we also specialize in graphic design, web programming, web hosting, Organic Ranking, and Internet marketing. We strive on building long-term relationships with our customers by assisting them in meeting all of their online goals.

Talk to an expert at Icon Website Design to learn how we can meet all of your professional website design needs! Our expert custom website designers look forward to providing you with a free quote and consulting with your regarding your next professional website design.

Give us a call today: 1-800-558-1017

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Organic Ranking

Link Building Benefits for Fort Lauderdale Business Websites

There are many benefits of having a professional Organic Ranking company in Fort Lauderdale working on the backend of your website if you want to build an audience and have your business website ranked high in search results.

Organic Ranking services can range from keyword search to link building. Having Icon Website Design in your corner means you are working with a team of experts who know every aspect of Organic Ranking services. Since it is an ever-evolving industry, we continue to study and research the business of Organic Ranking because that’s what we love to do!

Importance of Link Building in Organic Ranking Services

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings, then you will need to understand how important link building is to your website. Popular search engines analyze both the number and the quality of the links that a site has, both going to and coming from other sites.

Links also increase credibility. In other words, those links that lead to other sites are ways that they can vouch for both the reliability and authority of your website and vice versa.

At Icon Website Design, we will get the best links for your Fort Lauderdale business so that your website will be noticed, verifiable, and rank with authority.

Building a network of credible websites that support links is a tool of the trade and not all Organic Ranking proponents understand the type of thorough investigation required for each viable link. In ordered to be seen as the best, you have to create a network that links you to the best. Our trained team members are experienced in the nuances of finding suitable links for your Fort Lauderdale business website and will ensure that each link is credible, long-lasting, and will contribute to better rankings for your website.

More on Link Building and Organic Ranking Services

Learn more about link building and other Organic Ranking services for your Fort Lauderdale business by calling Icon Website Design today!

An Organic Ranking professional can be reached at 1-800-558-1017.

Responsive Websites in Fort Lauderdale
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Why Fort Lauderdale Businesses Need Responsive Websites

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale without responsive websites are losing customers along with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every week.

Consumers are turning to their mobile devices more and more, leaving behind their computer desktops for only the times they are at work. Even then, many people will pick up their phone if they are searching for something personal, such as a place to eat at lunch in Fort Lauderdale, a plumber to fix their sink, or where to get the latest tickets, shoes, clothes, games, getaways, and anything else.

More often than not, individuals are reaching for those smaller screened items to look up what they need at the moment and if your Fort Lauderdale business website isn’t able to adjust to a mobile screen, you won’t even show up in search engine results.

Google Ranks Responsive Websites, Penalizes Non-Responsive Ones

Google is always keeping up with demands made by consumers. This is why back in 2015, the search engine giant chose to begin penalizing websites that did not have mobile website design capabilities, better known as responsive web design.

Mobile friendliness is now a feature search engine like Google look for when ranking websites, including those in Fort Lauderdale. Google, in particular, increases rankings for Fort Lauderdale businesses that offer mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile compatibility and mobile app connectivity are critical to search results if you happen to be a Fort Lauderdale business that cherishes higher rankings and wants to stay competitive.

Mobile Devices and Responsive Websites

Smartphones and tablets are the most popular mobile devices in Fort Lauderdale used to search the web. It is these portable wireless computing devices that search engines are considering when it is looking to rank sites. Search engines will place mobile website designs ahead of a non-responsive website.

It really doesn’t matter what business industry you’re in, the kind of reputation you have, or how long you’ve been in business. None of these things matter when it comes to search engine rankings.

Search engines are aimed at giving consumers the best experience they can when searching online. If your website won’t do it, then it will rank your competitor’s mobile website design ahead of you. Non-responsive websites will be lucky if they show up in the first 20 pages of search results. But who is going to click through that many pages?

If your business does not have a mobile website design so it is unable to format itself to the size of whatever device is accessing it, then you are losing business – guaranteed.

Businesses which haven’t optimized their website with the latest coding and design will be left behind. Reach a mobile audience will be left behind.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design crafts websites so that they provide optimal viewing and an easy interaction experience for anyone who visits the site on a mobile device.

Features of responsive web design include making the site easy to read and navigate through with a minimum amount of scrolling, panning, and resizing. A responsive web design will do this when accessed by mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

If you’re not sure if your Fort Lauderdale business website was created with responsive web design, test it. Access from a desktop computer and your smartphone or tablet. Even if it seems to have a responsive web design, you should evaluate how well it was done. Put yourself in a customer’s place to determine if your website offers them the experience you want them to have.

If it doesn’t, then you need to talk to professional website developers. At Icon Website Design, we not only will design your website so that it is responsive, we will work alongside you to ensure it is branded with your company’s own personal style.

Call us today and talk to a mobile website design professional who can answer any of your questions about responsive websites and mobile website design.  We can be reached toll-free at 800-558-1017.

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